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Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Family

gift ideas

If you’re looking for healthy gift ideas for your family, look no further!

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to cross the names off your gift list without losing your sanity in the process. We all want to give our loved ones’ gifts they will cherish, but wouldn’t it be nice if those gifts supported their health as well?

If you’re looking for healthy gift ideas for your family, look no further! We have you covered with a few gift ideas to help you get a little closer to being finished with your holiday shopping.

Here are 6 of our favorite gift ideas designed to help you shop smarter.

Serenity Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser by Greenair

The Serenity Aroma Diffuser from Greenair is beneficial in 4 different ways. It functions as an essential oil diffuser, mini humidifier, air purifier, and ionizer. This small, elegantly designed product emits high frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations as it disperses water and essential oils into the air through a fine mist.

A Little Something for Mama-to-Be from Earth Mama Organics

If someone on your gift list is expecting a baby this year, treat them to comfort and pampering with the “A Little Something for Mama-to-Be” gift set from Earth Mama Organics. This kit includes Ginger Fresh Deodorant, Morning Wellness Castile Body Wash, Orange Ginger Lip Balm, Belly Butter, and Belly Oil. Ginger can be very helpful for pregnant women experiencing nausea and the aloe and oils in the belly butter and belly oil may help prevent stretch marks.

Let There Be Peace & Quiet Relaxing Kit from Now Foods

As if our everyday lives weren’t busy enough, the holiday season can really ramp things up a notch when it comes to stress. The “Let There Be Peace & Quiet Relaxing Kit” from NOW Foods is a good way to give the gift of rest and refreshment. This kit contains 4, 10 ml bottles of soothing Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Peaceful Sleep essential oils.

Bulldog Beard Care Products

Keeping a beard clean and neat is a lot easier with the right products and tools. Bulldog Natural Skincare has a line of beard care products that make fabulous stocking stuffers for the bearded guy on your gift list. Their original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner contains aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea to cleanse and condition beards. After showering, their Beard Balm works to soften and moisturize facial hair leaving it soft and healthy-looking.

Jax Creature Comforts Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier by Greenair

Boost the health of the kids on your gift list with the Jax Creature Comforts Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier by Greenair. This adorable diffuser looks like a frog to ward off croaky throats and seasonal discomfort.

Teas from Pukka Herbs

If you have a tea lover on your list, Professional Supplement Center carries a wide variety of teas to choose from. We recommend gifting Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Herbal Tea, Nighttime Organic Herbal Tea, and Relax Organic Tea from Pukka Herbs. Pukka Herbs creates artisan blended teas to match your every mood and moment.

Which of these healthy gift ideas for your family will you be purchasing? Share your favorites with us in the comments section below!

How to Stop Smoking

stop smoking

There is nothing easy about quitting smoking, but our 5 tips should help.

It’s not news to anyone that smoking is detrimental to your health. Still, there is nothing easy about quitting smoking. Not everyone is able to quit cold turkey and have success on their first attempt. Those who successfully kick the nicotine habit often do so with help and after multiple failed attempts.

If you’re trying to stop smoking, good for you! We want to offer you all the help we can. Our team has gathered some helpful tips along with some products to support you and increase your chances of success.

5 Tips to Help You Stop Smoking

To help you get started on your journey to being smoke-free, we’ve compiled 5 tips to point you in the right direction.

Have a Clear Plan

Whether you plan to taper off your cigarettes or quit cold turkey, set a clear plan for quitting that takes into consideration your lifestyle and personality type. There is no one right way to become smoke free, so pick the path that will work for you.

Avoid Triggers

If there are places you typically associate with having a cigarette, like your front porch or the spot behind work where you took smoke breaks, stay away from those places for a while. This isn’t to say that these are off limits forever, but they are very likely to increase cravings and lower your resolve to stay smoke free.

Be Clear about Your Reasons

No one quits smoking for no reason. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to be clear about your motivations for quitting and displaying them so you can keep them at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps it’s being a better example for your kids, avoiding cancer so you can travel in retirement, or maybe you just want to save money. Post and share these goals to help you stay on track.

Line Up Support

Don’t go it alone, there are plenty of in-person and online support groups of people who are also trying to quit or have been successful. Look for an addiction support group in your area or head to Facebook for an online forum that offers 24/7 encouragement.

Get Moving

Believe it or not, now can also be a great time to change other aspects of your lifestyle. People who increase exercise while trying to quit have greater odds of success. This is because exercise increases the activation of “α7 nicotinic acetylcholine,” a type of receptor in the brain which is also the target of nicotine.

Supplements to Support You on Your Smoke-Free Journey

Professional Supplement Center has a variety of products to help your plan into action. Here are a few we recommend:

Anti-Smoking Drops from Professional Complementary Health Formulas

Professional Complementary Health Formulas has created Anti-Smoking Drops to offer homeopathic support for those attempting to quit smoking. These drops can be used in different dosages to help with acute, subacute, preventative, and chronic cravings.

Smoke Allersode by Professional Complementary Health Formulas 

If exposure to smoke causes your allergies to flare up, Smoke Allersode by Professional Complementary Health Formulas Provides factors that mitigate hypersensitivity to common allergies associated with exposure to smoke.

Clear Air from Health Concerns

Clear Air from Health Concerns uses herbs that support the lung with dispelling phlegm in order to clean out accumulated contaminants due to smoking and air pollution.

What is your game plan for quitting? Share your experiences and advice with our community in the comments section below.

How to Manage an Overactive Bladder

how to deal with an overactive bladder

Here’s how to deal with an overactive bladder.

Having an overactive bladder can dominate your life both day and night. Not only do you need to make frequent visits to the bathroom during the day, but it can also cause you to lose sleep at night. Worse still, there may be times when you can’t make it to the bathroom before urinating, leaving many to avoid social situations and alter their lifestyle.

If you suspect you have Overactive Bladder, or OAB, you are not without help and options. So we are here to support you! There are lifestyle interventions, therapies, and supplements that can help you understand how to deal with an overactive bladder. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding and Diagnosing OAB

An OAB diagnosis typically comes after confirmation of two or more of the following symptoms: frequent urination, sudden and urgent need to urinate, waking in the night to urinate, and urgency incontinence immediately following the urge to urinate.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, and haven’t yet discussed them with your doctor, make an appointment to discuss your condition without delay.

Causes of Overactive Bladder

The symptoms of OAB are the result of your bladder muscles contracting involuntarily, despite a low volume of urine in your bladder. This can be caused by a neurological condition, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, urinary tract infections, and other causes. Understanding the cause of your OAB is a crucial step in seeking the right treatment.

How to Deal with an Overactive Bladder: Therapies and Treatments

Thankfully, there are multiple paths to wellness when it comes to learning how to deal with an overactive bladder.


To truly treat OAB, it’s important to work with your medical care team to determine the cause. It could be a symptom of a larger, systemic issue, which is something your doctor will want to rule out.


In Biofeedback treatment, electric sensors are connected to your body to help you understand and measure the way you receive information from your bladder. This treatment helps you learn to make slow and steady changes to manage the sense of urgency attached with urinating.


While you are working to strengthen your bladder muscles and pelvic floor, your doctor may use medication to control involuntary urination.

Pelvic Floor of Physical Therapy

Therapists who specialize in bladder health can help you learn exercises such as kegels that work to strengthen both your urinary sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.

Supplements to Help Manage OAB

Professional Supplement Center has products to help you manage OAB and get back to living the life you want to live. Here are a few we recommend.

Bladder Ease from Vitanica

Bladder Ease by Vitanica is designed to provide herbal and nutritional support for OAB and bladder discomfort. Handpicked ingredients help to strengthen bladder muscles and may support a healthier inflammatory response in the urinary tract. To increase the benefits of Bladder Ease, take it with Kava Kava Tea.

Saga Pro Bladder Healthy from Terry Naturally

SagaPro from Terry Naturally is a bladder health supplement with Angelica leaf extract that supports bladder health in both men and women. For men, it may also be able to support prostate health.

Do you struggle with OAB? Do you have any advice to give on how to deal with an overactive bladder? Leave your thoughts and feedback for our community in the comments box below.