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Natural Sleep Support for Kids

sleep support for kids

Learn how to support natural sleep support for kids.

One of the best ways you can support your child’s healthy development is to ensure that they are getting an adequate amount of sleep each night. According to Johns Hopkins, children who don’t get enough sleep may struggle to learn at school, are more likely to have behavior problems, and are at a higher risk for diabetes and childhood obesity.

There are many ways you can provide natural sleep support for kids, and the team at Professional Supplement Center has information you can easily implement right away.

Sleep Needs by Age 

No two kids are alike, but pediatricians generally agree that sleep needs change with age. Here’s an overview of how much sleep your child needs each night.

Babies and Toddlers

You already know that newborns need a lot of sleep. In fact, from birth to three months, babies need between 14-17 hours each day and just slightly less from four months to a year. Toddlers, aged one to two years need 12-16 hours a day, including overnights and naps.

School-Aged Children

From ages two to five, preschoolers need between 10 and 13 hours a day including naps whereas elementary kids need 9-12 hours a day. Even though it’s tempting to let upper elementary kids skimp on sleep, you will likely notice behavior changes on nights when they fall below 8 hours.

Tweens and Teens

Although they will try and convince you otherwise, your tweens and teens also need a good night’s rest, roughly 8-10 hours each night. If boundaries regarding nighttime phone usage aren’t clear, adolescents often stay up far later than is beneficial.

Healthy Habits for Happier Bedtimes 

There are several habits you can implement to provide natural sleep support for kids. To start, keep your nightly routine and bedtime consistent and try to incorporate a calming bath into the mix. Additionally, some report that spending quality time with parents or caregivers gives children a sense of closeness and calm as the separation of sleep approaches.

Eliminate screens for at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light from phones, iPads and television will stimulate your child’s brain and prevent them from falling asleep easily.

If your child is struggling to sleep, try to identify the issue and understand the root cause. They may be acting out because they need more togetherness throughout the day or there could be an underlying source that your pediatrician can help you identify.

Supplements Provide Natural Sleep Support for Kids

If you’re looking for a little extra bedtime support, Professional Supplement Center has a few products that may help.

No More Monsters by Herbs for Kids

Perfect for kids over the age of two, No More Monsters by Herbs for Kids is a homeopathic sleep support especially formulated for children. These quick-dissolving tablets have a lightly sweet banana flavor that kids enjoy taking.

Valerian Super Calm by Herbs for Kids

Valerian root has been internationally used for years to support healthy sleep and may reduce the amount of time it takes for children to fall asleep. Valerian Super Calm from Herbs for Kids is a pediatric formulation that may provide healthy sleep in kids. It can be taken directly or mixed with a liquid and the packaging provides clear, age-specific dosing instructions.

How does your family promote natural sleep support for kids? Share your tips with our team in the comments section below.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Which of these healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas is your favorite?

When you think of healthy Valentine’s Day gifts, what comes to mind? Odds are, you used to buying a dozen red roses or a heart-shaped box of mystery chocolates rather than health-conscious goodies. Even though these are the typical choices, don’t let that limit you. The Professional Supplement Center team has put together some healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you mix it up this year.

7 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Help your partner take better care of their mind and body with these sugar-free and healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Love at First Scent Essential Oils Kit from NOW Foods 

Set the mood for romance with the Love at First Scent Essential Oils Kit from NOW Foods. This kit contains four, 10 ML bottles of nature’s most romantic essences like Bergamot, Cinnamon Cassia, Rose Absolute and the Naturally Loveable essential oil blend.

Lavender Massage Oil from Bleu Lavande

Relax with the one you love by giving each other massages with Lavender Massage Oil from Bleu Lavande. Made with a blend of sunflower oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and true lavender essential oil, this product will leave your skin smooth and your spirit at peace.

Skin Renewal Lotion from Beauty Without Cruelty

Give your Valentine the gift of smooth and hydrated skin with Skin Renewal Lotion from Beauty Without Cruelty. Designed for use on the hands, face and body, this lotion contains antioxidant Vitamin E, plus Vitamin B and green tea extract to soothe and protect skin. Beauty Without Cruelty has been committed to making cruelty-free, natural products since 1963.

A Little Something for Mama to Be from Earth Mama Organics

If your partner is pregnant this Valentine’s Day, skip the wine and pamper her with the “A Little Something for Mama to Be” gift set from Earth Mama Organics. This kit contains travel size Belly Butter, Orange Ginger lip balm, Morning Wellness Castile Body Wash, Ginger Fresh deodorant and Belly Oil all designed to care for and pamper expectant mothers.

Serenity Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser from Greenair

Designed using an innovative and elegant aesthetic, the Serenity Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser from Greenair is an essential oil diffuser, mini humidifier, air purifier, and ionizer all in one. This beautiful diffuser makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and is sure to be used and appreciated for years to come.

Restore Moisturizing Lubricant by Good Clean Love

A healthy and natural personal lubricant is an essential bedside item when romance is on the agenda. Restore Moisturizing Lubricant by Good Clean Love uses aloe and other clean ingredients to naturally lubricate. The product was designed with intimate health and moisture balance in mind and can be safely used by both partners.

Badger Foot Balm by Badger Company

If your partner enjoys a foot massage, step up your game with Badger Foot Balm by Badger Company. This product soothes and cares for feet with organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil and leaves behind a tingly-cooling feeling and fantastic fresh scent.

Which of these healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and order today to take advantage of our free shipping and daily deals!

Sleep Supplements to Help You Feel Rested

sleep supplements to help you feel rested

Here are some sleep supplements to help you feel rested!

As adults, we cram a lot of productivity into every day. Many nights, it can be tempting to stay up late to finish a project or even relax with our favorite show. As enticing as skipping sleep can be, the repercussions are seldom worth it. Research shows that chronic lack of sleep increases your risk for chronic diseases, and decreases cognitive function and energy throughout the day.

If you are not setting a foundation of healthy sleep each night, the rest of your health goals will be much harder to accomplish. If you’re looking for sleep supplements to help you feel rested, the Professional Supplement Center team has the info you need to make the right choice for you.

Ingredients Commonly Found in Sleep Supplements

Many sleep supplements contain similar ingredients in distinctive proprietary blends. Let’s break down how each ingredient supports healthy sleep.


Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the pineal gland of your brain that works in balance with sunlight and natural circadian rhythms of your body. Melatonin supplements may reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep and may also increase the quality of your sleep.


Frequently found in tea bags, the dried flower of the chamomile plant has an ancient history of medicinal use, but does modern data support it as a sleep support? Chamomile contains a number of compounds, including apigenin which has been shown to support relaxation and sleep.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D plays many important roles in the body, one of which is helping to regulate sleep. Growing evidence suggests that insomnia may be associated with a vitamin D deficiency, which is why you see it on many sleep supplement labels.

Vitamin B6

Essential for cognitive function and healthy sleep rhythms, a lack of vitamin B6 can lead to insomnia and other sleep conditions. Evidence also suggests that B6 may not only aid in restful sleep, but in the quality and frequency of dreams as well.


Involved in several important functions throughout the body, magnesium is an essential nutrient that may support better sleep in healthy people. Although the research studies have been small, evidence suggests that it may make it easier to fall asleep, improve the quality of your sleep, and could help soothe restless legs that interfere with settling down to rest.

Sleep Supplements & Products We Recommend

If you’re in the market for a new sleep supplement, here are a few products and brands we recommend.

Melatonin 3g from Pure Encapsulations

Certified gluten-free, Melatonin 3g from Pure Encapsulations is a high quality melatonin supplement that may help augment the natural functioning of the pineal gland to support restful, healthy sleep.

Sleep Time from Nutritional Frontiers

With a new and updated formula, Sleep Time from Nutritional Frontiers is designed to support the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin that promote sleep and restfulness. This supplement also uses B6 and melatonin to support healthy sleep cycles.

Travacor by NeuroScience

Travacor from NeuroScience contains a blend of ingredients like taurine, vitamin B6, vitamin C and other ingredients designed to support balanced mood and restful sleep.

How do you get a good night’s rest?