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Natural Oils to Hydrate Your Hair and Scalp

hydrate your hair and scalp

Try these 7 oils to hydrate your hair and scalp.

Many of us use natural and essential oils on a daily basis for everything from boosting our immune systems to cleaning our homes. But natural oils are also super beneficial for your hair and scalp. Want your hair to grow? There’s oil for that. Need something to hydrate your hair and scalp? There’s oil for that too. In fact, there are a lot of natural oils that are great for your hair. Read ahead to find one that may help you!

Different Types of Oils

There are two main types of oils that are great if you want to hydrate your hair and scalp. They are essential oils and carrier oils. Here’s the difference between the two.

  • Essential Oils – Highly concentrated oil that is distilled directly from a plant. The purpose is to capture the plant’s scent, flavor or essence to benefit from its natural characteristics, in a more efficient manner. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy.
  • Carrier Oils – These oils are also derived from plants, but they are used to dilute essential oils and serve as a “carrier” to be absorbed better by the skin. Examples include coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil. They are especially helpful to hydrate your hair and scalp.

Best Oils for Your Hair

Different oils do different things for your hair and scalp. Essential oils are great for scent and stimulating hair growth, while a carrier oil is a miraculous way to hydrate your hair and scalp. Below is a list of oils, and what they can do for your hair.

  • Jojoba Oil – Great for moisturizing and gentle on sensitive skin. Rubbing it into your scalp will eliminate dry, flaky skin. It won’t leave an oily residue and is great for cleansing your pores. You can even use it as a makeup remover!
  • Lavender Oil – An essential oil that can be used as a deep conditioner. Many people use it to help control dandruff and add luster to dry, brittle hair. It smells great too!
  • Marula OilMarula is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. It’s also full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that make your hair shiny and full. Also a great choice for repairing split ends. Shop for marula oil from trusted brands like Russell Organics.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – A powerful antioxidant that will keep your scalp healthy and help prevent hair loss for fuller, thicker hair. It is also hydrating and provides protection from everyday damage such as heat tools.
  • Cedarwood Oil – Helps stimulate the scalp encouraging hair to grow by providing balance to the oil-producing glands in the scalp. It is also a powerful natural antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Coconut Oil – This is great for softening the hair and adding shine. It’s also great when used as a blend, such as this Coconut & Jojoba mix from Desert Essence.
  • Camellia OilCommonly used as a do-it-all beauty product, camellia oil is absorbed quickly into the scalp and is rich in vitamins A and B. It can be used as a hair treatment to rapidly hydrate your hair and scalp and fight against split ends.

 You don’t have to look far for a treatment that will help hydrate your hair and scalp. Nature always provides a remedy. Try some of these natural solutions and let your natural beauty shine through.

Post-Holiday Gut Soothing Drinks


Are you dealing with the after-effects of holiday food and drinks? While the wining and dining of the season has died down, you may now find yourself facing some of the gastrointestinal consequences of all the rich food, drinks, and desserts that often accompany the holiday season.

If you find yourself experiencing bloating, gas, heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion after the holidays, then you aren’t alone.

Our diets during the entire holiday season can wreak havoc on our digestive health. On Thanksgiving Day alone, the average American consumes about 4,500 calories total, with around 2,061 calories of that coming from fat.

So whether you are dealing with post-holiday stomach discomfort, or just looking for drinks that will help support a healthy gut and digestion throughout the year, then you can’t go wrong with these post-holiday gut-soothing drinks.

Post-Holiday Gut-Soothing Drinks

Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of nature’s best tools to help us fight nausea and indigestion. Just ask any mom who has experienced morning sickness. But the benefits of ginger are not just for pregnancy. Drinking warm ginger tea right before or during a meal may improve your digestive health and even prevent symptoms from heartburn, stomachache, and indigestion.


Kombucha is a drink made by fermenting yeasts and bacteria along with sweetened tea. The result is a sweet, refreshing, lightly carbonated drink that can come in a wide variety of flavors, depending on the tea used. But even more than that, kombucha is rich in antioxidants and


Kiefer is another drink on the list of fermented drinks rich in probiotics. Kiefer tastes similar to yogurt and is relatively easy to either make it home or find at your local grocery store. Kiefer is chock-full of a symbiotic collection of bacteria and yeast that will help replenish the bacteria in your gut.

Celery Juice

Celery juice has a number of health benefits. Not only is it rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, but it is also an antioxidant and can support reducing gut inflammation. According to nutritionist Lisa Richards, “It contains a flavonoid named luteolin, which has been proven to inhibit gut inflammation.”

Along with those gut soothing drinks, you can support your gastrointestinal health after the holidays with these probiotic supplements from Klaire Labs, Douglas Laboratories, and Microbiome Labs.

Ther-Biotic Complete – Klaire Labs

Ther-Biotic Complete from Klaire Labs is a high-potency, hypoallergenic blend of 12 certified probiotic species that offers the most complete spectrum of microorganisms in the Klaire line. Ther-Biotic Complete is designed for individuals who require significantly higher amounts of several different types of probiotic species to help support intestinal health, which is why it is formulated with 25 billion CFUs per capsule. It supports innate and acquired immune defense mechanisms and overall colon health, helps synthesize vitamin K and B vitamins, boosts immunological gut barrier function, and encourages a healthy inflammatory response.

Multi-Probiotic 15 Billion – Douglas Laboratories

Support your gut around the year with Multi-Probiotic 15 Billion from Douglas Laboratories. Multi-Probiotic 15 Billion’s Multi-Strain proprietary probiotic blend provides 15 billion beneficial organisms to support intestinal flora with a full amount of live beneficial prebiotics and probiotics. Also containing prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to maintain intestinal microorganisms, this probiotic supplement helps establish and maintain a healthy intestinal population of helpful organisms and creates an acidic environment unfavorable to organisms in the gut.

Mega SporeBiotic – Microbiome Labs

Mega SporeBiotic from Microbiome Labs contains a patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut. It may support digestion, reduction of inflammation, regularity, and promote a healthy intestinal tract.

What are your favorite post-holiday gut soothing drinks?

Tips to Simplify Your Life

simplify your life

Use these tips to simplify your life.

With all that’s going on in the world, couldn’t you use a way to simplify your life? Let’s be honest, we all could. But how do you get started? We’ve got some great tips that will immediately take some of the pressure off, and help you get the most out of life. Best of all, you can start today! 

How to Simplify Your Life

Before you can simplify your life, you first need to identify what it is that is making it so hard in the first place. Are you stressed? Are you unhappy or depressed? Are you overweight, but don’t have time to exercise? Are you engaging in a toxic relationship? There are so many factors that can weigh you down and keep you from enjoying your life. The key is to figure out what they are, and do something about it.

Common Sources of Unhappiness

Take a look at some of the most common reasons people say they are unhappy, and some tips on how you can change those burdens and ultimately simplify your life.

You are Stressed

Stress can have a very negative impact on your life, so finding ways to reduce it, even just a little, will be a major step in your quest to simplify your life. Try these stress relieving techniques and see how it changes things for you.

You are Unhappy/Depressed

It’s hard to simplify your life when you constantly feel down. If you are feeling unhappy or depressed, and it’s impacting your quality of life, do something about it.

  • Disconnect – Technology is a blessing and a burden. When possible, turn off the TV, put your phone on silent, and ignore the news and social media. Chances are, you’ll feel better immediately.
  • Get Outside – Fresh air and sunshine does wonders for your happiness. If you can’t make it outside, open a window. Even just a few minutes of fresh air will have a major impact on your mood.
  • Talk to Someone – If you don’t have a therapist, find a friend or family member to talk to. Voicing your troubles feels much better than keeping them inside.
  • Treat Depression – Beat the blues with natural supplements such as John’s Wort.

Value Your Time

Is a lack of time keeping you from doing the things you love? There is always a way to save time and simplify your life, sometimes you just have to be crafty. Try these tips:

  • Say No – If you have a choice, say no. Even if you’ve previously agreed to do something or go somewhere. It’s okay to choose to spend your time on yourself.
  • Get Up Early – Even if it’s just fifteen minutes, getting up earlier means you have more time for you.
  • Schedule “Me” Time – If you live by your calendar, pencil yourself in.

Once you find ways to simplify your life, you’ll never stop looking. Why take the difficult road, when you can travel the path of least resistance? Make a choice to choose you from now on, and see what you can accomplish with this life. Good luck!