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EccoBellaSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

Did you know that Professional Supplement Center carries ECCO BELLA, a line of extensively researched, cruelty-free natural beauty products for face and body? Founded in 1992, in protest of animal testing and with respect for the wonder of nature, ECCO BELLA is dedicated to developing safe authentically and ethically made products that offer superior performance. Every active natural ingredient has been validated by studies and clinical trials. Motivated by compassion for all living things, as well as respect for planet earth, products are made with plant-based ingredients and powerful nutraceuticals obtained from ethical suppliers.

Inspired by the delicate beauty of flowers, EB FlowerColor Makeup is infused with flower wax, the same coating that protects flower petals from the elements. Their anti-aging skin care is enriched with “VitaminCells,” which are powerful, patented skin vitamins such as lutein, lycopene and CoQ10, that penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. Their water-free herbal body lotions contain 70% organic ingredients to nourish and transform dry, irritated skin.

Founder Sally Malanga is a board member of Friends of Animals, an organization dedicated to expanding and protecting the rights of animals in all realms; including the sea, the forest, the farm and our homes. All products are guaranteed cruelty-free.

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Herbal Body Lotion...Herbal Body Lotion Lemon Verbena: This 70% organic concentrated lotion is a remedy for dry, irritated or flaky skin that leaves skin silky smooth and hydrated for hours. Gluten and water-free, vegan formulation. Naturally fragranced Lavender Body Lotion and Organic Vanilla Body Lotion also available.

0-Revitalize Organic...Revitalize Organic Facial Treatment: This natural organic facial serum delivers pure jojoba “liquid- gold” dry oil, as well as essential oils of neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. Naturally preserved and scented, this precious skin rejuvenation oil may be used on face, under night cream, on hair and scalp, or as a fine perfume. Recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea and all skin types. Gluten free, vegan formulation.

FlowerColor Blush...FlowerColor Blush Coral Rose: This simple ingredient silky smooth powder blush is made from natural pigments found in nature. Additional ingredients include sweet almond oil, flower wax and vitamin E. Peach Rose, Earthy Rose, Wild Rose, Orchid Rose, Burgundy Rose, and Nutmeg also available. Talc, fragrance, gluten and additive free, vegan formulation.

FlowerColor...FlowerColor Eyeshadow Sapphire: This flower wax enriched mineral eyeshadow formula goes on smoothly and says true throughout the day. Gluten, toxin and chemical free, vegan formulation. Other available eyeshadow colors include Heather, Earth, Deep Taupe, Clay, Camel and more.

FlowerColor Lipstick...FlowerColor Lipstick Café au Lait: Made with a healthy and simple formula of vegetable waxes, oils, and mineral pigments, this clean, safe, moisturizing lipstick goes on smoothly and is feather resistant. Naturally preserved, and dye, petroleum and fragrance free. Other available colors include Merlot, Latte, Claret Rose, Pink Rose, Primrose and more.