Featured Brand: High Performance Nutrition (HPN)

HPN logoBy Susan Brown

High Performance Nutrition (HPN) was created to provide superior and innovative products that support advanced athletic performance and optimal health.  HPN is committed to providing the safest and most effective products to ensure that professional and amateur athletes alike reach their health and fitness goals.  From raw material sourcing to finished product testing, all products are formulated with the utmost care to guarantee purity and potency for effective and safe supplementation.  HPN products are produced in a CGMP and NSF certified manufacturing facility and are designated Safe for Sport – BSCG Certified Drug Free ensuring that athletes can use these products with complete confidence. 

P(3) Professional Performance Powder
P (3) Professional Performance Powder –  Unlock your potential with P3, formulated for the high performance athlete.  This comprehensive formula supports endurance, strength, energy, recovery and lean muscle mass. 
F(1) Formula One
F (1) Formula OneEngineered to meet the needs of the serious athlete, F1 is formulated with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients all designed to support intense activity levels, endurance, recovery and optimal wellness. 
N(4) Platinum OmegaN (4) Platinum Omega –  Platinum Omega softgels are derived from pure, pharmaceutical grade fish oil directly imported from Iceland.  Produced with an advanced molecular distillation process to ensure clinically effective dosages of omega-3 fatty acids that are certified PCB, heavy metal, pesticide and dioxin free.  
N(R) Niagen
 N (R) Niagen –  This breakthrough product is scientifically designed to support  brain health, muscle endurance, metabolism and anti-aging.  N (R) supports NAD production, an important oxidative co-enzyme found in all body cells. 
C(2) Ultra Premium Creapure
C (2) Ultra Premium Creapure –  C (2) has been clinically proven to increase lean muscle mass and strength and decrease recovery time, fatigue and muscle lactate accumulation.  This 100% pure formula benefits bone strength and brain health. 
T(5) Testosterone OptimizationT (5)Testosterone OptimizationThis all-natural, hormone and steroid free product provides natural testosterone optimization and supports vitality, function, strength, and vigor.  T (5) promotes all day energy and decreased recovery time in a  100% pure and potent formula.