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Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals®, a division of King Bio®, was founded in 1989 with a mission to research, develop and manufacture water-based homeopathic medicines. As an FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer, King Bio® is officially certified as cGMP compliant, upholding and exceeding all good manufacturing regulations. Safe and all-natural, homeopathic medicines offer gentle symptomatic relief with no harmful side effects. Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals® purified water-based health solutions are taste-free and are designed to be added to your pet’s water bowl, a simple, smart and safe way to help your pet overcome health challenges and provide effective ways to achieve better health.

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Water-based homeopathic Natural Pet solutions for dogs:

Dog: Muscle, Joint ...Muscle, Joint and Arthritis – This product provides symptomatic relief of hip, joint and back pain, as well as inflammation, stiffness and swelling associated with injuries or arthritic pain. It is also useful for lameness, and difficulty in climbing stairs or getting up. Alcohol-free.

Dog: Skin ItchSkin & Itch – Skin & Itch provides fast relief for minor symptoms of irritated, itchy, scaly or cracked skin, as well as rashes, eczema, hives and overall unhealthy skin. Also available in a kitty formula to provide relief from symptoms of flea bite dermatitis, hair loss, hot spots and excessive licking. Alcohol-free.

Water-based homeopathic Natural Pet Solutions for cats:

Cat: Urinary Tract...Urinary Tract Irritations – This product is designed to provide relief from symptoms associated with urinary tract irritations, such as frequent or painful urination, straining or incontinence. Alcohol free.


Cat: Anxiety StressAnxiety & Stress – This product helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress-licking, restlessness and nervousness, as well as pacing, panting, excitability, fearfulness and neurotic behaviors. Also available in a canine formula to provide relief of separation anxiety, whining, cowering, trembling and stress-licking. Alcohol-free.


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