Easy Ways to Replace Lost Fluids on Hot Days


Summer 2021 kicks off on June 20th, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t already been visited by sky high temperatures. One thing’s for certain, though: Summer heat is on the way and in no short supply.

It’s time to stock up on sunscreen, pack the car for the beach, and plan for how you’re going to stay hydrated during the hottest part of the year.

Dehydration has many negative consequences, and it can sneak up on you. Research has found that 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated, and dehydration complicates many pre-existing health conditions and can cause hospitalization, injury, or even death all on its own. Fortunately, it’s very easy and cheap to stay hydrated. You just have to be prepared and be willing to drink some water.

Planning to Drink Water

Replenishing lost fluids may be as easy as drinking a couple of glasses of water, but that doesn’t stop many people from getting dehydrated very often. What gives?

Often, the issue is that people have not planned ahead. You don’t always have access to a tap where you can fill your bottle. That’s where planning ahead comes in handy.

Make sure to stock up on portable water bottles for when you’re out of the house. Stocking the fridge with hydrating beverages that you enjoy, and making time for breaks to enjoy them are essential practices to stay hydrated in the summer months.

If you don’t want to buy packaged drinks, add extra rehydrating power to your regular old tap water with these products that include essential minerals that support the body’s rehydration process.

Electrolyte Stamina by Trace Minerals Research

Electrolyte Stamina by Trace Minerals Research supports hydration, stamina and electrolyte balance in the body. These packs are convenient and come in a natural pomegranate flavor. This unique blend of minerals and carbohydrates help to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise to support muscle function and may lessen the perception of exertion.

Electrolyte Energy Formula Stick Packs by Pure Encapsulations

Electrolyte Energy Formula Stick Packs by Pure Encapsulations is an energy formula that includes a balance of ionic minerals and electrolytes to help support a normal metabolism. These formulas come in individual packets that you can carry in your pocket, purse, or car.

Drink More When Hot, Exposed to the Sun, or Exerted

The “8×8” glass per day rule is a great habit to develop, but it won’t be enough if you are losing more water than usual due to temperature, activity, or exposure.

If you are out at the beach for hours, playing sports outside on a hot day, or are indoors when your air conditioning goes out, you need to be drinking more water than normal. If you’re feeling thirsty, foggy, exhausted, or confused, the solution may be an extra glass of water.

Let Yourself Adjust Gradually

Now that quarantine protocols are being relaxed due to widespread vaccine-derived immunity, we’re beginning to re-enter conventional life. However, this means that most of us have been stuck indoors, away from the sun, for most of the last year or so.

This means that there will be an adjustment period for most of us, during which time we will be especially vulnerable to sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Allow yourself to adjust gently and gradually during this period. Limit your early ventures out into the sun to just a few minutes, and build gradually until you are certain you can handle it without sending yourself into a dangerous state.

Staying hydrated is important all the time, but it’s something to be especially conscious about during the hottest months of the year. We hope you stay hydrated in the weeks to come, so that you can enjoy this summer to the max!

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