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Featured Brand – Ayush Herbs®

Ayush_HerbsSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Ayush Herbs® combines the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest scientific technology to formulate the highest quality herbal supplements and essential oils. All products are formulated by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians utilizing herbs that are naturally grown, harvested and wild-crafted in their pristine Himalayan habitat. The products are manufactured in the U.S. using ingredients grown on their own farms and processed at their wholly-owned, state-of-the-art ISO and GMP certified facility in Nagrota Bagwan in Himachal Pradesh, India.

All production is overseen by a team of biotechnologists and physicians in temperature, humidity and dust controlled rooms to ensure that Ayush® provides fresh, safe, natural, unadulterated excellent quality products. All raw materials undergo testing for heavy metals and microbials before processing. Potency, label verification and efficacy is assured by third party independent testing of every formulation.

Amla PlexAmla Plex – Formulated with a proprietary blend of 38 selected ingredients, including spices and herbal extracts, this ancient Ayurvedic recipe provides powerful immune and antioxidant support. It is designed to promote vitality and to support all bodily systems. Amla Plex offers nutritional support for all ages and is considered both a rejuvenate and an adaptogen. No added ingredients or fillers.

Carditone® – One of our most popular producs from Ayush Herbs®, Carditone® is traditionally used to support blood pressure, kidney and cardiovascular health. No added ingredients or fillers.


AshwagandhaAshwagandha – One of the most highly regarded and widely used Ayurvedic herbs, Ashwagandha acts as an adaptogen to support the immune system and to nourish and strengthen the body. Used as a daily rasayana, Ashwagandha supports physical and mental health, healthy sexual function and healthy metabolism. No added ingredients or fillers.  

Macuna Plus
Macuna Plus – Based on an ancient Ayurvedic recipe and designed to provide cognitive and nervous system support, this product contains a proprietary blend of standardized extracts of valerian, ashwagandha and centella asiatica. No added fillers or ingredients.

Curcumin 97%
Curcumin 97% – This formula contains 97% pure curcuminoids to support a healthy inflammatory and metabolic response and to provide important antioxidant, detoxification and healthy brain support. No additional ingredients or fillers.


Ayush Herbs

Ayush HerbsSusan Brown

For over twenty years, Ayush Herbs has combined the ancient principles of Ayurvedic Medicine with the latest scientific technology to provide high quality herbal supplements that are formulated by Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians.  Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians believe in supporting the health of the mind, body and spirit.  Working with long-term sustainable farming practices and incorporating organic farming methods, Ayush Herbs is dedicated to living in harmony with the earth while creating products that concentrate on the source of illness and support the body’s innate wisdom to restore optimal health and balance.

All products are manufactured in ISO and GMP certified facilities using the highest quality control standards.  All herbs are naturally grown, harvested and wild-crafted in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas.  Ayush Herbs’ patented herbal extraction method uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain the maximum level of active principles.  All products are produced under the supervision of biotechnologists and doctors, are tested for heavy metals to ensure purity and are third party tested to ensure potency and label verification. 

Carditone contains a proprietary herbal blend traditionally used to provide cardiac, renal, blood pressure, and overall health support. 
Amla Plex
Amla Plex is a powerful immune enhancer formulated with standardized extracts of spices and herbs.  This ancient formula is a rich source of vitamin C, bioflavonoids and tannins and has been traditionally used as a rejuvenative and an adaptogen. 
Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, promotes overall physical and mental health.  It is the most widely used of the Ayurvedic herbs for increased energy, longevity, immune support and healthy metabolism.   
Bio Gymnema
Bio Gymnemacontains a blend of herbs, including holy basil, neem and bitter melon, which have been used for centuries to promote healthy blood sugar balance. 
CoCurcumin w/ CoQ10 Drink Mix
CoCurcumin w/CoQ10 Drink Mix provides nutritional and muscular support.  This formula contains curcuminoids of turmeric, medium chain triglycerides from coconut and CoQ10. 
Macuna Plus
Macuna Plus helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.  This ancient Ayurvedic formula contains the seeds and roots of macuna pruriens, the precursor to dopamine, plus valerian and ashwangandha. 
Wright Salt
Wright Salt is a unique formulation for nutritional support of the cardiovascular system.  Use as a replacement for table salt.  Contains Iodine.