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Featured Brand: Erba Vita

ErbaVitaBy Susan Brown

Founded in Italy in 1982, Erba Vita has a mission to supply innovative, carefully researched and designed health products that benefit humankind while respecting nature.  Erba Vita uses only first quality raw materials and guarantees preservation of the integrity of the active principles.  Advanced research and development laboratories work in conjunction with university research centers to allow for innovation and cutting edge nutraceuticals with highly effective and safe formulations.  All products undergo rigorous tests and are produced under the most stringent European standards.   

Available in over 30 countries, these safe and effective products are now offered at Professional Supplement Center.

Immun Act by Erba Vita

Immune Act –  Immune Act is a clinically tested, standardized herbal supplement that supports the body’s natural physiological immunity.  Vegetarian and Non-GMO




GastroAs part of their Digestive Health line of products, Gastro is a standardized herbal supplement that supports a healthy stomach, digestive system and esophagus. Other products for digestive health include Digest, Acid and Clean Lax.  Vegetarian and Non-GMO


No StressNo StressNo Stress is a vitamin, mineral and standardized herbal extract supplement that restores and promotes a relaxed mental and physical state regardless of the circumstances.  Additional products from their Relax line include Sleep and Happy Mood.  Non-GMO


Meno-GuideMeno-Guide –  From their Women’s Health line, Meno-Guide is a useful vitamin, mineral and standardized herbal supplement that supports the natural physiological transition to menopause.  Menstrual and Nair Care also available.  Non-GMO


Quiet Kids SyrupQuiet Kids SyrupQuiet Kids Syrup is an alcohol-free, standardized herbal syrup that supports a child’s healthy night’s sleep.  With lemon balm, chamomile, fruit extracts and a delicious natural cherry flavor, this Non-GMO formula will help the whole family get a good night’s rest.  Other children’s products available including Lax Kids, Immun Kids and Gassy Kids

Enzymedica – The Enzyme Experts

EnzymedicaLogoBy Susan Brown

Enzymedica, the leading manufacturer of plant-based enzyme supplements is renowned for  superior formulations and insistence on quality.  Enzymedica produces cutting edge enzyme formulas that provide targeted support for digestive issues, food intolerances, cardiovascular issues, proper immune function and healthy inflammatory processes.  

Established in 1998, Enzymedica leads the enzyme category by offering products that contain the highest therapeutic activities available.  Enzymedica is dedicated to using only the highest quality plant and plant-based enzymes in their products. Their formulas never contain fillers or excipients, nor do they utilize flow agents in their production. This guarantees the purest products with immediate bioavailability, as well as products that inspire confidence in their safety and efficacy.

Enzymedica is dedicated to providing exceptional enzyme-focused supplements at the most therapeutic levels available in the natural foods industry and beyond.  Their exclusive Thera-blend™ process is used in the manufacturing of its protease, lipases, amylase and cellulase enzymes thereby achieving greater activity over a broader pH range.  This process increases potency by enabling each enzyme to break down more bonds throughout the entire digestive system.  When formulated for therapeutic purposes, Thera-blend enzymes are customized for optimal performance throughout the entire body.

GlutenEase  –  GlutenEase contains proteases high in DPP-IV activity that assist in normalizing inflammatory response to the gluten peptide for better digestion and utilization of gluten containing foods.  GlutenEase proactively supports the gut, allowing proteins to be properly broken down and absorbed in their digested state.  GlutenEase may also be used by those who wish to remain on a gluten-free, casein-free diet to ensure complete breakdown of proteins safely and effectively.

Digest Gold  –  Digest Gold represents the most potent digestive enzyme formula available.  Digest Gold is a good choice for individuals who are lipase deficient.  Lipase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats, lipids and triglycerides.  It is also ideal for anyone suffering with health issues not necessarily associated with digestion.  When stress is reduced to the system responsible for breaking down and assimilating the foods consumed, more energy and thus more metabolic enzymes are made available to the systems responsible for overall health including the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and nervous system.

Lacto –  Lacto is a lactase enzyme supplement formulated for individuals who have difficulty digesting foods that contain lactose and dairy protein.  Lacto contains the highest amount of lactase along with eight additional enzymes.  Supplementation of lactase allows for lactose to be more readily digestible and absorbed.  By taking Lacto with meals that contain lactose, you are providing your body with the enzymes needed for proper digestion of not only dairy sugar (lactose) but dairy protein, fats, carbohydrates, meat protein and fiber.

Gastro –  Gastro™ reduces the gas and bloating often associated with the consumption of raw vegetables, grains and legumes.  Gastro is ideal for anyone exhibiting amylase deficiency and for those who consume a high carbohydrate or vegetarian diet.  Gastro contains four different types of enzymes that break down carbohydrates such as starch, glycogen and related polysaccharides, reducing stress on the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.  Moreover, Gastro has a very high amount of the enzyme alpha-galactosidase that is imperative in digesting the sugars from legumes and other foods that create gas and bloating.