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WEEK 5: 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

Week5JenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

We are now in week 5 of our 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge. The team seems to be getting into a routine of doing some kind of exercise in addition to taking the supplements and eating healthier. A number of people are walking or running, while others are practicing Tai Chi or yoga, some are hitting the gym, and still others are gardening, cleaning house and even horseback riding – any way they can find to burn calories, they are.

We thought we’d profile one of the participants, so here’s a little about Suzy. Suzy had actually begun a weight loss program just prior to the start of the Challenge, so she had a bit of a head-start on the rest of the group. “I decided I wanted to lose 15 lbs and now was the perfect time to do it” she stated. She started with modifying her diet to make more healthy choices and when the Challenge kicked off, the addition of the supplements hastened the weight off. Suzy is one of the participants taking Integrative Therapeutics’ 7-KETO Lean to burn fat, not muscle. To complement the dietary changes and supplements, Suzy is also increasing her activity level by walking and hitting the gym to build muscle and burn fat. Thanks to all her hard work, Suzy has already reached her original goal and is now working toward the next one!

Overall, the team is showing some great results and over just 5 weeks have lost a total of 96 lbs!

90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

PSCteam2At Professional Supplement Center, our staff isn’t just talking the talk about the supplements we sell, but as a result of our 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge, we have taken up the gauntlet and are literally walking the walk.

Participants are just a couple of weeks into the challenge, but they are already showing great success with over 50 lbs lost!  They are also noticing that they have more energy and feel more satisfied, while actually eating less.  Exercise has become a part of their routines with hours spent walking, running, doing Tai Chi, gardening, kick boxing, or just sweating it out at the gym.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. Each participant had a private assessment with Jacquie Eubanks, Professional Supplement Center’s Nurse and health coach, who specializes in developing a plan to optimize one’s health with nutrition along with the informed use of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.
  2. All participants were given the following supplements:  Nordic Naturals ProOmega Lemon EPA/DHA (fish oil), Douglas Laboratories Multi-Probiotic 15 billion, Enzymedica Digest Gold (a potent digestive enzyme,) and Metagenics PhytoMulti, a multivitamin and mineral formula. 
  3. The participants were divided into three groups based on the weight loss supplement that was deemed best for them by Nurse Eubanks.  Each received one of the following: Ortho Molecular CLA, which supports reducing body fat while increasing muscle tone; Douglas Laboratories Super HCA (garcinia cambogia extract), which aids in normal appetite regulation; or Integrative Therapeutics 7-KETO Lean, which helps burn fat, not muscle, and promotes weight loss.
  4. Nurse Eubanks also counseled on which foods to avoid and which to add in order to optimize their nutrition.
  5. Each participant has been tracking their progress by keeping a daily food diary, noting how they are feeling, and what sort of activity they are doing.
  6. Weekly private weigh-ins with Nurse Eubanks give the participants a chance to further refine their plan on the way to a healthier weight.

 “Having the opportunity to help our staff become more cognizant of what they are putting into their bodies and getting to see the positive results they are experiencing has been a very rewarding experience for me” stated Nurse Eubanks.

 The challenge will end in November, but the hope is that the healthy habits gained over the three months will continue for a lifetime.