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Make Exercise an Instigation Habit

ExcerciseInstigationHabitJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



Those with sedentary lifestyles who wish to make exercise a daily ritual often find that getting started is the hardest part. Yet building an exercise habit means getting started repeatedly. The most consistent exercisers are those who make exercise a specific type of habit, known as an instigation habit. This type of habit is thought to be beneficial to health behavior maintenance, as it requires minimal thought and makes going to the gym or out for a walk a routine occurrence. An instigation habit is an automatic decision triggered by an internal or environmental cue that can be as simple as hearing your alarm go off in the morning, signaling it’s time for a run, or going to the gym at the end of the work day instead of going straight home.

Developing any healthy habit is hard work, and exercise is no exception. However, focusing on cues makes habits not only easier to form, but also harder to break. Studies have found that exercise instigation habit strength is the only unique predictor of exercise frequency. Instigation habits differ from execution habits in that cues prompt one to automatically exercise without having to consider the pros and cons. By contrast, an execution habit simply means following an exact routine once you are at the gym. One study found that it’s not what you do for exercise that matters, it’s how you get yourself there that’s important.

For those new to exercise, sticking with the same routine, such as running on the treadmill, can help build self-confidence or enable one to become more comfortable going to the gym. Until one gains confidence in their activity, it can help to follow a routine exercise program. However, it doesn’t appear that doing the same activity time after time has any effect on long-term exercise frequency. Once established, an instigation habit allows one to try new types of exercise without fear of losing the habit. Research shows that by building an instigation habit, one can stick with an exercise plan that encompasses different activities, helpful for those who may be stuck in an uninspiring, monotonous routine.

Setting a habit requires consistency. Many of us may have tried and failed to set up a regular routine, even though we know how important exercise is to both short and long-term health. Those who exercise regularly are not only healthier but are often more energetic and less stressed. Scientific studies have shown that we can’t simply rely on willpower to change our behavior. Good habits are formed based on consistency, not frequency. Initially, it may help to set a plan to workout just one day a week and arrange your schedule around it. Make it so easy that you can’t say no, even when lacking motivation, so that you don’t skip the workout for any reason. Once consistency is established, add a second workout that you are sure not to miss. As time goes on, add other days to your schedule until you are working out at least three days each week and the workout becomes automatic.

As willpower is a limited resource, it often helps to focus on establishing a realistic process that you know you can handle. For many, this means making slow and steady progress with a focus on the journey, rather than the results. Initially, it’s more important not to miss workouts than to make progress. While we may dream of running a marathon or getting six-pack abs, getting into tip-top shape takes perseverance and patience. Set a realistic, results-oriented goal and be persistent. Remember that every journey begins with the first step. Today, your goal may be to exercise one day per week, but you can keep your eye on future goals to run that marathon next year or two years from now, as you gradually become stronger and healthier. Focus on the cues that will get you there. When you develop a ritual that makes starting your workout mindless and automatic, it will be much easier to follow through. Build the instigation habit first and focus on results later.

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2017 Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Trends

2017TrendsJacquie Eubanks RN BSN

At the beginning of the new year, some subscribe to the philosophy, “Out with the old and in with the new!” Of the endless possibilities, perhaps, you’d like to lose weight, exercise more, stress less, get to bed earlier, declutter your home, arrive on time, or devote more time to family or personal pursuits. Whatever your goals, it’s interesting to look back on 2016 to see what worked for you, as well as what didn’t, and peek at some wellness and lifestyle predictions for 2017. From fitness trackers, to exercise as medicine, to workplace wellness, to detoxifying yoga poses, 2017 is sure to be an interesting year.

A trend is a developing movement that creates behavioral change. One such trend, influenced by progressive health conscious consumers, is redefining and creating an enthusiasm for real whole food. As health, wellness, and sustainability converge, people are proactively seeking out locally grown, sustainably harvested, humanely raised, and crafted foods, and are shying away from fat-free, highly sweetened, and industrially produced processed foods.

Plant based diets – Interest in flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets is growing in popularity, not only for health reasons, but for ethical and environmental concerns as well. A plant-based approach to nutrition is one of the best for disease prevention, weight control and optimal health. Plant based proteins made from peas, chickpeas and lentils are expected to rise in popularity, along with fermented foods that support a healthy microbiome. Generally, people are reducing their consumption of animal products by adding vegan or vegetarian meals to their weekly menu planning.

Eating ethically – Sustainability may be one of the most important trends to watch. Consumers are demanding healthy, nutritious organically grown foods, grass-fed meats and free range eggs and poultry. Despite efforts to squelch labeling of GMO foods, producers are responding to public demand. Expect to see this trend continue in 2017 and beyond.

Food waste is out – A growing movement to end food waste will continue, as the realization that almost 40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste and 97% of that ends up in the landfill, contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. Reducing your own food waste is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment. To reduce food waste, shop with a list and purchase only what you need.

Supplements are in – Consumers have embraced the value of dietary supplements to support health and nutrition. Omega-3 fish oils, probiotics, superfood smoothies, collagen powders and multivitamin gummies are rising in popularity as easy ways to supplement a nutrient dense eating plan.

Energy management – Energy is becoming a buzz word in terms of health and wellness. As more realize the very important connection between consumption, energy production and the inflammatory response, understanding the correlation between nutrition and wellness may become more mainstream.

Physical activity for healthy aging – Beyond weight management, physical activity for every age group helps to maintain good health, fitness and independence. Staying active throughout life helps to decrease the risk of chronic debilitating diseases and allows for the maintenance of flexibility and balance. People of all ages now recognize that taking a personal interest in daily activity supports both cognitive and physical health.

High intensity interval training – Sixty minute runs and bike rides are out, while shorter, more effective high intensity workouts are in. Think ten minutes of interval training comprising short bursts of exercise followed by ten seconds of rest. Start slowly and intensify as your limits increase.

Boutique studios are in – Specialty studios, that offer a concentration in specific areas of interest, such as cycling, yoga or Pilates, often provide a more personal touch through highly trained instructors.

Fitness trackersPer its annual survey, the American College of Sports Medicine predicted that wearable technology will continue to be a top fitness trend in 2017. Everyone, it seems, is wearing a fitness tracker to help keep them goal oriented and accountable.

Time to declutter – Donating items that are no longer useful is freeing and brings energy into your home and life. According to Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, if an item no longer brings you joy, it has become a burden and it’s time to let it go.

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Collagen PeptidesCollagen Peptides by Vital Proteins – Sustainably sourced from pasture-raised cattle, this natural anti-aging protein supports healthy skin, bones and joints with highly bioavailable collagen peptides. Highly digestible and minimally processed, Collagen Peptides may be mixed with warm or cold foods or drinks. Gluten and rBGH free, Non-GMO kosher formulation.

Adult CompleteAdult Complete by SmartyPants Vitamins – This adult chewable provides bioavailable vitamins, minerals and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Third party tested to ensure purity, these naturally flavored gummies are gluten, dairy and shellfish free, Non-GMO and sweetened with organic cane sugar.

Vegan Garden Gummy...ON SALE  Vegan Garden Gummy Adult Organic Multivitamin by Nature’s Dynamics – This 100% plant-based gummy contains vitamins and minerals sourced from whole organic foods as well as co-nutrients and cofactors that aid in the digestion and utilization of the nutrients. Easily absorbable, these high quality, Non-GMO, great tasting chewables are gluten, soy, and dairy free.

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