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Got Belly Bloat?

bellybloatJacquie Eubanks RN BSN

We’ve all been there, some of us more frequently than others. Many have experienced that uncomfortable feeling of fullness, where all one can do is crawl to the couch and wait for the feeling to pass. Bloating is a very common complaint among both adults and children, as up to 30% of Americans report experiencing bloating regularly. For some, it may simply be a case of indigestion brought on by overindulgence in food or drink. For others, underlying medical conditions may be the root cause of belly bloat. However, there are many common causes for belly distension and that overstuffed, somewhat painful bloated feeling.

Often times, though uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing, bloating is caused by gas in the digestive tract. This can be the result of too much swallowed air, sometimes brought on by eating too quickly. It can also be the result of the normal breakdown of certain foods in the large intestine. Normally, symptoms will resolve themselves within a few hours. Of course, there are certain health conditions that result in symptoms of gastric distress, including food allergies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders. However, excessive gas may often be the result of inadequate protein digestion, or the inability to break down sugars and carbs that require certain enzymes to be fully digested, or dysbiosis, an imbalance of beneficial vs. deleterious gut bacteria.

If along with bloating you experience unexplained weight loss, severe abdominal pain, or fever, it’s best to seek a medical consultation.

Some simple changes can provide relief for that gassy, sometimes painful feeling:

  • Rule out common allergies such as lactose, fructose, eggs, wheat and gluten
  • Avoid swallowing air by eliminating carbonated beverages, don’t gobble down your meal on the run, and stop using a straw while drinking
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, including xylitol and sorbitol, which contain sugar alcohols that can cause gas and bloating
  • Avoid dehydration and constipation by drinking plenty of water
  • Include high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains daily to avoid constipation that can exacerbate bloating symptoms
  • Get regular exercise to keep your digestive system moving along
  • Stop eating when you are 80% full or eat 4 small meals daily as opposed to 3 meals with larger portions
  • Consider digestive enzymes to support the complete digestion of certain food components
  • A daily probiotic can help get intestinal microflora on the right track to improve the gut environment and reduce gas and bloating

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other high quality products that support healthy digestion:

Digest Gold™ With ATPro by EnzymedicaDigest Gold™ with ATPro by Enzymedica – This potent broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula assists in the digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber. These enzymes decrease the amount of energy the body uses for digestion, reducing stress on the digestive system and freeing up energy for other systems including the immune, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.

Digestive Enzymes Ultra w/ HCl by Pure EncapsulationsDigestive Enzymes Ultra w/HCI by Pure Encapsulations – This combination formula provides vegetarian digestive enzymes along with betaine HCI for optimal digestive support and the normal breakdown of proteins, peptides, fats and polysaccharides. Gluten free, Non-GMO formulation.


UltraFlora® Balance (HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT) by Metagenics®UltraFlora® Balance by Metagenics – This very popular nutraceutical formula provides pure and highly viable probiotic strains for multiple levels of intestinal support and healthy digestive function. Gluten, soy and dairy free formulation.


Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Professional Formula by Dr. Ohhira's, Essential Formulas Inc.Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Professional Formula by Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Formulas –  This truly unique professional formula provides 12 synergistic strains of probiotics to promote and improve the gut environment and support healthy immune and inflammatory responses. Room temperature shelf stability makes this formula a perfect travel companion. Gluten and dairy free, Non-GMO vegan formula.


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Ideas For A Healthier, Less Stressful Holiday Season

Healthier_HolidayJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



The last few weeks before the holidays always seem to fly by, especially when many of us still have a seemingly endless to-do list to finalize that may include, among other things, holiday shopping, wrapping, decorating, planning, baking, traveling, celebrating and entertaining. With all that we would like to accomplish, time spent on maintaining our health may fall by the wayside. You skimp on sleep, eat unhealthy food on the run and forgo exercise. Before you know it, you’ve come down with a cold or other illness, adding additional stress to your holidays and sabotaging your best laid plans.

Here are some simple ways to help you stay healthy and reduce stress so you can finally relax and enjoy the holidays:

  • Seriously, make a list. Having a plan allows you to focus on and finalize the task at hand and can help you use your time more efficiently, thereby reducing your stress load.
  • Feel free to respectfully decline some invitations or skip events. Running yourself ragged wears down your immune defenses. Reduce your stress load by taking a breather. Good basic preventative advice includes staying home, relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Yes, you do need to prioritize sleep. When you are well rested, your body has a better chance to defend itself against viruses. Research has shown that adequate sleep enhances our immune defenses and aids our overall wellbeing.
  • Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Alcohol consumption can result in dehydration, so remember to drink water in addition to those holiday cocktails. Staying well hydrated, especially during air travel, can help to keep mucous membranes moist so they can better do their job of keeping germs and pathogens out of your system.
  • Wash your hands frequently with good old soap and water. Cold viruses easily spread through hand-to-hand and hand-to-surface contact. Avoid touching your face and mouth when you are out and about and consider carrying a hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly.
  • Make time for some activity, as exercise reduces stress and produces feel good endorphins, further helping you to relax and boost your mood.
  • When you are feeling overwhelmed, slow it down a bit. Deep breathing can help to keep your emotions in check and your stress and anxiety levels down. Concentrating on your breath, even for a few minutes, helps to keep you centered, grounded and calm.
  • Make reasonably healthy dietary choices. Of course, we are all going to indulge in some holiday treats, but save those indulgences for the really special ones. Keep some healthy snacks on hand and bring something with you when you go out to shop or run errands. Having an apple instead of running through the drive though will help to keep your defenses up and any holiday weight gain down.
  • Engage family members as much as possible to put everyone in the holiday spirit and free up more of your own time.
  • Be realistic about what you can actually accomplish to allow you more time to enjoy family and friends. It’s okay to decline some invitations or cut back on other obligations to give yourself time to be present, mindful and grateful.
  • Consider taking quality probiotics to boost immune support. Beneficial bacteria positively influence immune function. Antioxidants such as selenium, zinc, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E have also been shown to aid immune health.

To help you stay well throughout the holiday and winter seasons, here are some great suggestions for supplements that support immune health:


UltraFlora Balance (HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT)UltraFlora® Balance by Metagenics – This top selling nutraceutical probiotic provides 15 billion CFU of live microflora per capsule in support of daily gastrointestinal and immune health. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.


Frontier BioticsFrontier Biotics by Nutritional Frontiers – Recommended for children, adults and seniors, this non-dairy pre- and probiotic blend of 8 strains of beneficial microflora provides 5 billion CFU per capsule in support of digestive regularity and immune health. Gluten free, vegetarian formulation.



Ultra Anti-Oxidant (7470)Ultra Anti-Oxidant by Douglas Laboratories – This potent, wide spectrum antioxidant nutritional formula includes synergistic vitamins, minerals and active nutrients to support the body’s antioxidant defense systems. Gluten, soy and dairy free formulation.


AntiOxidant FormulaAntiOxidant Formula by Pure Encapsulations – This broad spectrum formula offers a range of antioxidant nutrients to promote cellular health and support and enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Gluten and soy free, Non-GMO formulation.


Vitamin C:

Buffered Vitamin CBuffered Vitamin C by Integrative Therapeutics – This pure, crystalline ascorbic acid, buffered with calcium and magnesium for sensitive stomachs, provides 1 gram of vitamin C per capsule. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C supports a healthy immune response, healthy skin, connective tissues and bone tissue. Gluten, dairy and soy free formulation.


C Food ComplexC Food Complex by New Chapter – This activated whole food complex contains a blend of vitamin C, organic herbs, superfoods and adaptogens in support of immune and cellular health. Naturally gluten free, 100% vegetarian formulation. Contains soy.


Vitamin E:

E-400 Natural Vitamin E (7098-)

E-400 Natural Vitamin E by Douglas Laboratories – This all natural vitamin E provides antioxidant nutrients in support of normal immune function and cardiovascular and cellular health. Gluten, soy and dairy free formulation.


Ultimate-E (E143)


Ultimate-E® by Thorne Research – This pure, undiluted mixed tocopherol formula contains all the natural isomers of vitamin E, vital to the overall antioxidant capacity of the tissues and blood. Gluten, soy and dairy free formulation.


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Inflammation Part II: Reduce For Long Term Health

Inflamation Part II Reduce For Long Term Health.By Jacquie Eubanks BSN, RN

Chronic inflammation is quietly becoming the 21st century’s silent killer.  Chronic inflammation can remain undetected, while the inflammation process carries on for weeks, months or even years.  Chronic inflammation, also termed metaflammation because of its link with the metabolic system, differs from acute inflammation in that it is low-grade and persistent.  It perpetuates rather than resolves disease and is associated with a reduced metabolic rate.  Chronic inflammation has become epidemic in America and threatens to destroy many lives with serious and chronic degenerative diseases

Wellness is the absence of inflammation.  The key to optimal health and disease prevention is detection and treatment of the root causes of the inflammation.  There’s no quick fix for chronic inflammation which means that protecting yourself against the onset of chronic disease involves changing your lifestyle habits. 

 To restore your body’s balance and help reduce and prevent inflammation: 

  •  Lose weight if you are overweight or obese.  Overweight people have increased levels of inflammation.  Scientists believe that this level can be traced directly back to the fat itself.  Fat cells churn out proteins known as cytokines which can cause low-grade systemic inflammation.  Excess abdominal weight is linked to a condition called insulin resistance which can lead to hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Look to make changes in your diet.  Revising your diet is one of the easiest, most effective ways to modulate inflammation.  Foods contain specific messages that can increase or reduce inflammation.  Reducing or eliminating the consumption of fast foods, unhealthy fats, processed foods and food irritants can help reduce inflammation and the risk of developing chronic disease.  Increasing the amounts of a variety of colorful unprocessed fruits and vegetables with high anti-oxidant values can quell inflammation and sweep up damaging free-radicals.  Think in terms of natural, minimally modified foods as anti-inflammatory and processed foods as inflammatory and eat accordingly. 
  • Supplement with Omega-3 fish oil.  Well documented studies show that omega-3 fish oil is strongly anti-inflammatory.  This is one of the simplest, safest, yet most effective steps you can take to quell chronic inflammation in your body.  Maintaining a diet high in omega-3’s through supplementation and dietary changes can help balance the omega-3 to omega-6 fat ratio, lowering inflammation and guarding against chronic disease. 
  • Exercise.  Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to keep inflammation at bay.  An active body produces more anti-oxidants, which combat free radicals and reduce inflammation. 
  • Reduce stressStress produces cortisol, which is anti-inflammatory.  However, it also produces pro-inflammatory cytokines. These proteins are designed to protect the body from an invader.  If the cause of your distress is psychological rather than physical, the immune system works overtime and inflammation results. 
  • Focus on gut health.  The beneficial bacteria in probiotics can help keep harmful bacteria in check, reducing the inflammatory response.  Identify and eliminate foods that trigger allergies or digestive upset.  Ignoring food sensitivities stokes the fires of inflammation.  Leaky gut syndrome, a condition where bacteria, undigested foods and other toxins can leak into your blood stream, triggers an autoimmune response and a host of painful inflammatory symptoms. 
  • Get plenty of rest.  Sleep gives your body time to heal and can undo the effects of the inflammatory response. 
  • Break bad habits.  Tobacco smoke and alcohol are toxins.  One quick way to reduce inflammation is the cessation of smoking.  As well, if you consume alcohol limit yourself to 1-2 drinks or less daily.  If you can eliminate tobacco and alcohol altogether, your overall health should improve. 

By being proactive, you can prolong your good health and your life.  Aging is an interesting pro-inflammatory inducer, the effects of which can be reduced by healthy living.  Eliminating the causes of inflammation by changing your diet, streamlining your daily habits, and adding supplements can dramatically improve the inflamed state of your body and increase the quality of your overall health.  Our bodies are wonderfully complex and resilient, but they need our nurturing.  Keep watch over your internal fire to reap untold rewards of good health and wellness. 

Supplements to aid in reduction of inflammation include:

X-FLM (K-37) by Apex Energetics  –  This product offers nutritional support for the immune system and contains ingredients that are involved in antioxidant processes.  Highly ranked by our customers who have found relief using this product. 

Inflamma-bLOX by Ortho Molecular  –  Useful in reducing inflammation while reducing the side effects on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  Contains natural ingredients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune enhancing properties. 

OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 2325 by Metagenics  –  Features a highly concentrated source of health-promoting omega-3 essential fatty acids from cold-water fish.  Each teaspoon provides 2325 mg of highly concentrated EPA and DHA for adults seeking higher levels of EPA and DHA. 

InflammEnz by Advanced Formula Enzymes  –  InflammEnz helps combat the symptoms that accompany inflammation with a powerful combination of the proteolytic enzymes bromelain and pHysioProtease™, plus grape seed and rutin, antioxidants that aid in improving peripheral circulation and decreasing capillary permeability.  Contains, vitamin C, an antioxidant essential for collagen formation and tissue repair, as well as minimizing clotting and bruising, along with calcium and potassium, minerals essential for healthy nerve transmission and muscular contraction. Indications: Soft tissue trauma, soft tissue inflammation and post-operative protocols.

UltraFlora Balance by Metagenics  –  As a nutraceutical, this product is formulated to complement dietary recommendations to promote gastrointestinal and immune health. This formula is designed to encourage growth of beneficial bacteria and support healthy immune function, intestinal integrity, and healthy digestive function.

Buffered Vitamin C by Integrative Therapeutics  – As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C supports a healthy immune system response.  In addition, healthy skin, collagen, connective tissues, bone tissue, and tooth tissue formation depend on vitamin C.  Buffered vitamin C uses pure crystalline ascorbic acid to supply 1 gram of vitamin C in each capsule.  This preparation is buffered with calcium and magnesium to make it easier on sensitive stomachs.

DigestZyme by Transformation Enzyme –  The ultimate goal of digestion is getting nutrients to the cells.  Nutrients not only feed the cell, they protect it from free radical damage.  Healthy cells lead to optimal metabolism, energy, and immunity. Supplementing with digestive enzymes is a vital part of this nutrient acquisition process. This unique formula is the perfect introduction to digestive enzymes. It supports immune system health by encouraging more complete digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for increased absorption and availability of nutrients. Transformation’s DigestZyme™ is designed to assist the body in maximum digestion of nutrients, production of energy, and immune system support.