A Word About Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)

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Many of the high quality product lines we carry at Professional Supplement Center follow dietary supplement Current Good Manufacturing Processes, commonly called cGMPs. These rigorous manufacturing rules and processes are the main regulatory standards enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure quality, safety and efficacy in manufacturing. Nutraceutical and quality supplement providers that adhere to cGMPs guidelines follow stringent regulations, similar to pharmaceutical and food manufacturing standards.  

By requiring manufacturers to adequately control all manufacturing operations, adherence to cGMPs regulations assures the identity, strength, composition and purity of all products. Compliance to these regulations means a company has established strong quality management systems, obtains appropriate quality raw materials, has sound operating procedures, maintains reliable testing laboratories and adheres to packaging and labeling standards. The cGMPs help to ensure that manufacturers consistently produce unadulterated and properly labeled dietary supplements.

Manufacturing facilities are inspected by highly trained FDA staff to ensure full compliance with cGMP regulations. To ensure quality products, many industry leaders have established their own supplementary manufacturing standards, exceeding those required by cGMPs. These can include licensing as a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, additional testing of raw materials and finished products, establishing allergen-free facilities and obtaining additional certifications, such as Quality Assurance International Organic and Non-GMO Product Verified certifications.  

The word “current” is included to ensure companies use technology and systems that are up-to-date and allows companies the flexibility to innovate and modernize to achieve higher quality through continual improvement. Adherence to cGMPs ensures supplements meet quality standards, are free from contamination and are adequately labeled. For our customers this means they can have confidence that these dietary supplements have been manufactured to ensure identity, purity, strength, composition and accurate label claims.

In addition, our quality suppliers work closely with healthcare professionals to provide effective nutritional solutions and are leaders in nutritional research, product development and innovation. They are dedicated to providing science-based supplements of superior quality and integrity with the highest degree of safety. Our top-of-the-line manufacturers are committed to improving health and are recognized for their excellence in purity, consistency, legitimacy and quality in manufacturing.

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