Are You Making These Mistakes During Your Skincare Routine?

skincare routine mistakes

You probably remember this saying from middle school science class: “Your skin is your body’s largest organ.” It was true then, and it’s true now, but you are probably much more conscious of your skin as an adult than you were as a child. As grown-ups, our skin typically needs a bit more work to look its best. 

If you’re just getting into skincare, you’re likely making some mistakes that are common for beginners. These can keep you from maximizing results and seeing the clean, glowing skin you so desire. Let’s take a look at these common mistakes, and give you the tips you need to correct them. 

Be Gentle When Cleaning Your Face

Your face is your skin’s star player. It’s the billboard that broadcasts the state of your wellness and emotions to the world. As such, we really need to treat our face with kid gloves – almost literally. This is especially true when choosing makeups and cleansers. Choose only cosmetics with natural ingredients that are either neutral or nourishing to the sensitive skin on your face. Vitamin B-12 Cream from Life-Flo is an excellent option for delivering soothing aloe vera, avocado oil, and vitamins directly to the skin for a plump and hydrated look you have been wanting!

Also, make sure to take care when removing makeup. Using nothing but face wipes creates friction on your skin, pulling and tugging and increasing the signs of age. Instead, let your cleanser do the heavy lifting. Hydrating Facial Wipes from Derma E can be great in a pinch, such as when you’re very tired before bed. Furthermore, it’s always better to remove makeup by any means than to leave it on overnight. But do take care, won’t you?

Give Your Skin the Right Temperature

Our skin loves mild temperatures. This goes for the weather, but it’s even more true for water. If you submerge your skin in ice-cold water, this will stress the skin, causing your pores to shrink in a protective response. Similarly, hot water causes your skin to react in a way that’s not ideal. Pores expand to release cooling sweat, and tiny veins beneath the surface become more likely to rupture. To prevent this, use only gently warm or lukewarm water, especially on your face. Your skin will chill out, and you’ll be much less likely to have adverse reactions later on. 

Check the Ingredients!

If you use a product on your skin, even if it’s a shampoo, you need to be conscious of its contents. Cheap skin products are made with little consideration for the long term wear and tear they may cause to your skin. They use these ingredients because they’re cheap and effective at creating a stable product. Meanwhile, chemical alternatives that are actually healthy for your body are more expensive. 

Nonetheless, these natural products are the ones your skin needs, even if they cost a bit more. Always read the ingredients of your products, and if you see a bunch of chemicals and preservatives that you can’t easily pronounce, chances are your skin won’t like them very much. 

Don’t Over- (or Under-) Exfoliate!

We exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that cover and clog the surface of our skin. This is most commonly done on the surface of the face, but you can exfoliate just about anywhere. When we don’t exfoliate, our skin has a film of dead cells all over it. Not only can this prevent moisturizers and other healthy skin products from doing their work, but it can also clog the skin, causing acne and aging. Try exfoliating twice a week, and do more or less depending on the results you see. 

Our skin can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Invest in it and treat it right, and the two of you should have a beautiful relationship for life!

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