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eClothSusan Brown Health and Wellness EditorLooking for an economic and environmentally friendly way to clean your home? Professional Supplement Center now carries e-cloth®, a line of microfiber cleaning cloths that pick-up dust, grease, grime, and bacteria without the use of chemical-based cleaning products. Scientifically shown to remove 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces; the fiber size, composition, and density of e-cloth® results in true chemical-free cleaning using only water.

Each e-cloth® was developed for optimum performance and a specific purpose. As a green cleaning solution, e-cloth® thoroughly cleans stainless steel surfaces, microwaves, and large and small appliances. e-cloth® quickly cleans kitchen and bath, as well as windows, glass and mirrors for a lint-free, smudge-free, and fingerprint-free result.

After use, simply rinse the cloth under hot water and wash all the impurities down the drain. Guaranteed for 300 weekly washes, these advanced polyester and nylon microfiber cloths don’t absorb, but naturally draw dirt and grime into the fibers, trapping and locking away impurities until the cloth is rinsed or washed.

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General Purpose...General Purpose Cloths (4 pack): The most versatile e-cloth®, the General Purpose cloth cleans all types of hard surfaces including stainless, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, tile and wood. General Purpose e-cloths clean with water, leave no chemical residue, and may be used without water as an effective dusting cloth.

Stainless Steel...Stainless Steel Cleaning Pack of 2 Cloths: This pack includes one Stainless Steel Cloth and one Finishing Cloth for a complete cleaning and polishing solution. Double sided for use on brushed or polished stainless, The Cleaning Cloth removes grease, grime and bacteria. The Finishing Cloth removes fingerprints for a smudge-free buffed finish.

Bathroom PackBathroom Pack: The extra thick and absorbent Bathroom Cloth removes soap scum, mildew, grime and bacteria to clean tubs, showers, sinks, vanities, faucets, tile, windows and mirrors. May be used wet or dry if surface is already wet. This pack includes a Glass and Polishing cloth for a streak free finish.

Home Cleaning Set...Home Cleaning Set 8 pc.: Green clean your entire house with this set of 8 e-cloths. Set includes everything needed to naturally clean kitchen, bath, windows, stainless, stovetop, and all types of hard surfaces. When used dry, the e-cloth® has a natural positive charge that attracts dust.

Pet Cleaning &...Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel: Soft, cuddly and perfect for rainy days, this pet towel quickly removes and locks away moisture, dirt, mud, and bacteria. Highly moisture absorbent for fast towel drying and cleaning.

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