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EBOOSTSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center now offers EBOOST®, a line of clean, unique formulations designed to energize, replenish and feed overall wellbeing. Founded in 2007, EBOOST® provides premium products that help busy, active individuals power through their day, their exercise routine and all the moments in between. Specific ingredients help to maximize workouts, aid muscle recovery, promote better digestion and provide natural energy through nutrition. Products are manufactured in the USA utilizing high quality ingredients. All are Non-GMO, gluten, soy, lactose, peanut and yeast free, are low in sugar and contain no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or banned substances.

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POW Pre-Workout...POW® Pre-Workout Crusher:  Maximize your workout with POW®, a natural pre-workout powdered effervescent performance enhancer. POW® provides clinically tested ingredients that support muscle strength and endurance, promote healthy circulation during exercise and provide joint flexibility and comfort, as well as steady energy and focus without a jittery feeling. Ingredients include electrolytes, amino acids, 5-HTP and organic beet root juice.  Also available in convenient individual packets. Gluten, soy and artificial ingredient free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.

SUPER POWDER Mind...Super Powder™ Mind + Body Energizer: This daily power-up formula provides essential vitamins and minerals, natural caffeine, electrolytes and antioxidants in support of steady energy and focus, hydration and elevated mood. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or an any time energy boost. Flavors include Acai Pomegranate, Pink Lemonade and Orange. Each box includes 20 individual packets. Free of gluten, soy, added sugar and artificial ingredients. Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.

SPRUCE Daily Green...SPRUCE® Daily Green Powder: Each serving of antioxidant-rich SPRUCE® green juice powder provides the nutritional goodness of blended juice without the blender. Naturally energizing ingredients include freeze-dried green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, ginger root extract, patented coffee fruit and prebiotic fiber. Green Apple Ginger flavor. Gluten, soy, allergen and artificial ingredient free. Non-GMO vegan formulation.

SHOT Energy plus...SHOT Energy + Vitamins: Formulated to boost focus, elevate mood and support steady energy, SHOT provides vitamins and minerals, natural caffeine from green coffee and green tea, and a coconut water base comprising antioxidant superfruits such as acai, pomegranate and cherry. Gluten, soy and artificial ingredient free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.