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Critical organs including the liver, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and our skin are all part of our wondrous and complex detoxification system. As a primary function of our bodies, our system is designed to naturally neutralize and eliminate unwanted toxins. Some toxins are waste products, including carbon dioxide, urea and lactic acid, that our bodies continually produce as a result of normal metabolic activities.

Every day we are basically bombarded with pesticides, artificial ingredients, copious amounts of added sugars, unhealthy fats and refined grains found in our standard American diet, along with industrial chemicals and pollutants found in our environment. Increasingly high levels of chronic stress, pharmaceutical and OTC medications, and poor lifestyle habits, such as smoking, recreational drug use and alcohol overindulgence, also contribute to our toxic load and strain our natural elimination processes.

Heavy metals, pesticides or chemicals can be found in our air, our water, our food, our personal items and in the products we use in our households, all of which put an additional toxic burden on our elimination and cleansing organs. As our bodies may not be equipped to handle the overabundance of pollutants we encounter every day, over time our ability to process and remove toxins may be compromised. The body may then begin to store toxins in bone and fat tissues, potentially resulting in a chronic state of low level inflammation that many consider to be the root of many chronic health issues.

Particularity at this time of year, some of us may consider a fasting detox. Fasting, however, may not support the nutritional demands of the metabolic processes involved in the detoxing phases. Our bodies require enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients to help rid the body of unwanted waste products and chemicals. To give your body a much needed boost and a rest period, it’s important to know the proper way to support the detox process. Done correctly, toxic components are removed and replaced with therapeutic and supportive nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that support the body through the stages of detoxification.

The right detox program can help to re-establish digestive balance, strengthen immunity and reduce the burden on the body to help support the body’s own ability to heal itself naturally. Detoxing is a complicated process that involves conversion of fat soluble toxins to water soluble toxins so they can be safely eliminated. A good detoxification program supports our body’s own detoxification and elimination systems for more optimal function.

Adequate nutrition, regular exercise, habitual restorative sleep and a healthy lifestyle all help to aid everyday biological processes and limit your toxic load. As your body constantly strives to keep you healthy, it’s important that you minimize your exposure by making healthy choices, observing how your body reacts when you don’t and making adjustments where necessary. By avoiding foods that stress your liver and kidney functions, such as high amounts of alcohol, processed foods and high fructose corn syrup, and adding foods that contain choline and omega-3 essential fatty acids, you are already detoxing a bit every day. By drinking adequate amounts of water, providing adequate amounts of macro and micronutrients and eliminating harmful foods, you can give your organs a chance to do their jobs well. Detoxing is an ongoing process that can aid the body in its sometimes overwhelming quest to eliminate toxins on a daily basis.

An easy way to detox:

  • Have high quality protein at every meal to balance blood sugar, reduce cravings and support liver detoxification pathways
  • Stick to fresh, whole, nutrient dense foods and avoid processed and packaged foods, added sugar and refined carbs
  • Eat lots and lots of fresh colorful antioxidant veggies, organically grown when possible, to help neutralize toxic metabolites released during the detoxification process
  • Read ingredient labels on all the products you buy and switch to natural, less chemically laden products whenever you can
  • Be sure to include phytonutrient-rich foods such as those that contain vitamin C, selenium, magnesium and liver-supportive silymarin
  • Support the complex detoxification process with a good quality B complex supplement containing methylcobalamin and methylfolate.
  • Fuel your cells with healthy fats such as nuts, omega-3’s, olive oil and coconut
  • To aid toxin elimination, stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of pure water
  • Support good digestion and regular elimination with pre and probiotic foods and probiotic supplements
  • As caffeine and alcohol must be processed by the liver, reduce intake to help support detoxing
  • Exercise daily and work up a sweat to help eliminate toxins through perspiration
  • Get healing, restful sleep to support the body through the detox process

High quality supplements that aid and support the detoxification process include:

10-Day BioDetox Kit Pea Protein10-Day BioDetox Kit by Biotics Research – Available with either whey or pea protein, this program supports 3 stages of detoxification, which include decreasing inflammation, metabolic cleansing and regeneration & repair. Gluten free.


Detox Nutrients Packet (PK103)Detox Nutrients Packet by Thorne Research – These easily totable packets ensure a simple and effective way to provide the proper daily nutrients to support optimal detoxification processes. This complete formula is ideal for those undergoing a cleansing or weight loss program or those engaging in strenuous exercise. This gluten, dairy and yeast free Non-GMO formula provides synergistic herbs, botanicals, amino acids and nutrients known to support and promote detoxification.


PaleoCleanse PlusPaleoCleanse™ Plus by Designs for Health – This functional food powdered formula contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, fiber and fruit and vegetable extracts in support of overall metabolic detoxification processes and balanced phase I and II detox pathways. Features 18 g of Non-GMO, low allergen pea protein per serving. Gluten and dairy free

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