Featured Brand: Allergy Research Group

AllergyReaearchGropupSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Since 1979,  Allergy Research Group® has been providing high quality, hypoallergenic nutritional products.  Their in-house Research and Development team formulates original and leading edge products in support of optimal health.   As a pioneer of hypoallergenic supplements, Allergy Research Group® utilizes only the purest and highest quality raw materials with the lowest allergy potential.  All products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards using advanced technologies to allow for maximum nutrient delivery, absorbency and effectiveness.  Strict quality control procedures are implemented at every stage of production.  All products are tested for identity, purity and potency both in-house and by certified independent analytical laboratories.  In addition, all active and inactive ingredients are fully disclosed in labeling. 

Some of our customers’ favorites include: 

200 mg of Zen
200 mg of Zen – This product offers a unique and natural way to promote calmness and relaxation with a combination formula of L-theanine and GABA.  Gluten and soy free and suitable for vegetarians. 
Super Vitamin B Complex
Super Vitamin B Complex – This advanced and complete vitamin B complex provides substantial amounts of all eleven B vitamins, including co-enzyme forms of B2 and B6 for enhanced bioavailability.  Gluten and soy free and suitable for vegetarians.
Super D3 (Vitamin E derived from Soy)
Super D3 –  This natural sourced vitamin D, as cholecalciferol, is produced from sheep’s wool lanolin.  This product also contains vitamin C and soy derived vitamin E. 
CoQH-CF™ – This reduced form of coenzyme Q10, known as the antioxidant ubiquinol, supports cellular energy production and provides cell protection from oxidative stress.  Gluten and soy free. 
Multi-Vi-Min® – This hypoallergenic multivitamin and mineral formula is well tolerated by those with an intolerance toward complex nutrient formulas.  Only the purest USP grade materials are utilized.  This product does contain iron.  Gluten and soy free and suitable for vegetarians. 
BifidoBiotics with L. sporogenes (HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT)
BifidoBiotics with L. sporogenes –  This multi-probiotic is uniquely encapsulated to resist gastric juices in order to establish the delicate microflora in the large intestine.  Heat sensitive product.   Suitable for vegetarians.