Featured Brand: Apex Energetics

apexenergeticlogoSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health Writer


Apex Energetics has been committed to providing research-based, scientific formulations that effectively and positively impact health and wellness.  Their high quality, innovative, nutritional formulas are developed in collaboration with top international experts in the fields of conventional, functional and Eastern medicines.  Using scientific insight, clinical knowledge and the latest research, Apex’s Scientific Advisory Board actively guides the research, development and formulation of their performance based, effective clinical strategies.   

K-Line Formulas™ provide advanced nutritional complexes as well as homeopathic and cream based products.  Ingredients include phytonutrients, cofactors and enzymes that support biochemical and metabolic pathways.  TerrainZyme™ Z-Line formulations contain proprietary blends of broad spectrum enzymes designed to support the bioavailability of complex nutrients.   The Antitox® line of homeopathic formulas provides highly diluted amounts of natural ingredients designed to aid the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Adaptocrine™ (K-2) provides phytonutrients, plant enzymes, scientifically selected herbal adaptogens and a proprietary blend of traditional ayurvedic herbs for stress and energy support.

AdrenaCalm™ (KR-16) provides a unique formula containing B vitamins, essential oils of lavender, lemongrass and juniper berry along with CoQ10, flower bud extracts and herbals.  This multi-use rejuvenating creams supports a healthy stress response.  AdrenaCalm™-SE(KR-73) is formulated without essential oils for those with sensitivities.  

Immu-Zyme™ (Z-16) is an advanced herbal and bovine colostrum formula that provides key ingredients for immune support.  Ingredients include a proprietary blend of 10 immune supporting herbs, full spectrum digestive enzymes, plus vitamins A, C, and B6.

ClearVite-SF™ (K-24) provides an enzyme-based, high-yielding rice protein powder along with multivitamins, minerals and herbals. This unique combination of nutrients supports blood sugar balance, liver detoxification and the immune system. 

RepairVite™ (K-60) supports restoration and the healthy maintenance of the intestinal tract and the intestinal lining.  Naturally flavored with luo han guo fruit extract.  Also available in caramel flavor.

Resvero Active (K-76) contains 250 mg of concentrated source resveratrol to support the immune system, the gastrointestinal system and metabolic pathways.

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