Featured Brand: Bio-Design

Bio-DesignBy Susan Brown

Bio-Design, a small family owned business, has been developing and manufacturing high quality dietary and herbal supplements since 1979.  In order to meet both wellness and preventive healthcare needs,  Bio-Design formulas are based on current scientific research as well as Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.  Produced in certified Good Manufacturing (GMP) facilities, their extensive line of supplements is sold exclusively through healthcare professionals.  Their line includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, free amino acids, glandular concentrates and homeopathic remedies.  

A sampling of our customer favorites includes: 

Aloe 225
Aloe 225 – Five Star rated by our customers, Aloe 225 contains a resinous extract obtained from aloe fronds, which works as a stimulating herbal laxative that provides dependable and predictable regularity. 
Cal Plus
Cal Plus – This comprehensive formula supports bone mineral density maintenance with the addition of specially engineered cellulose that quickly breaks down and insures proper absorption. 
Vitamin B12 5000+
Vitamin B12 5000+ – This tasty and quickly dissolving sublingual tablet provides 5 mg of vitamin B12 along with vitamin B6 and folate.
Children's Complete
Children’s Complete – Low in sugar and flavored with natural cherry and orange, Children’s Complete provides a great tasting multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.  Appropriate for all children capable of safely chewing and swallowing the tablet.  
C 250
C-250 – This tasty, natural orange flavored chewable tablet provides vitamin C antioxidant protection against free radical damage.  Sweetened with sorbitol and designed for use by both adults and children.
Liquid Ionic Trace MineralsLiquid Ionic Trace Minerals –  This product contains comprehensive trace minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake.  While low in heavy metals and sodium, these ionic minerals are naturally occurring in sea water. 



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