Featured Brand: BioMatrix

BiomatrixBy Susan Brown

Since 1998, BioMatrix has offered a select line of nutritional supplements intended to focus on chronic stress and related health problems.  BioMatrix protocols aim to restore health and prevent illness by addressing the root causes of health issues and reversing the damage caused by chronic stress.  Their well designed, high grade nutritional formulas are based upon independent research and a direct working relationship with clinicians. 

All of the BioMatrix supplements are scientifically designed for clinical efficacy and are supported by pre and post testing in clinical practices.  BioMatrix offers assurance that only quality raw materials are utilized and all products are manufactured in their FDA compliant facilities.  Thousands of physicians rely on BioMatrix protocols to manage and reverse physiological dysfunctions resulting from chronic stress and related illness. 

Support Adrenals
Support Adrenals –  Support Adrenals is a multivitamin, mineral and herbal formula specifically formulated to nutritionally support adrenal gland function.  Support Adrenals contains therapeutic levels of nutrients plus nutrient co-factors that help reduce the effects of physical stressors and enhance adrenal function.
Support Essentials
Support EssentialsSupport Essentials provides essential daily nutrients including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and mixed tocopherols to support optimal health.  Support Essentials are designed to be taken in the morning and evening and are pre-packaged for ease of use. 
Support Liver
Support Liver – Support Liver provides natural nutritional support for healthy liver function and detoxification.  Support Liver aids in protecting the liver from cell damage and toxic overload caused by environmental stressors, poor diet or substance abuse.   
Support Glucose
Support GlucoseSupport Glucose is designed to support stable blood sugar levels and support glucose metabolism.  Glucose Support contains 7 well known nutritional ingredients for balanced glucose levels and support of insulin utilization. 
Support Anti-Ox
Support Anti-OxSupport Anti-Ox contains a blend of highly bioavailable nutrients formulated for total body cellular support.  Therapeutic levels of antioxidants, classic free radical scavengers and pure-form bioflavonoids provide oxidative stress relief as well as energy enhancement and inflammation reduction. 

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