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biosyntrxSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

BioSyntrx® meticulously and critically monitors nutrition science research, design, and outcome to develop safe, science-based, biochemically balanced nutritional supplements formulated for eye and whole body health. Specifically designed to support the delicately engineered functions of the eyes, as well as optimal health, all products utilize high quality raw materials and are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Adherence to GMP guidelines assures superior quality, authenticity, potency, efficacy and proper labeling.

BioSyntrx® state-of-the-art formulations address micronutrient requirements to avoid deficiencies that increase the risk of degenerative disease. As part of their mission statement, BioSyntrx® actively supports increased public awareness for support of overall healthy aging. Their goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices to help lower the risk of developing preventable disease. As such, they support heathy sustainable nutrition in combination with science-based, safe, effective sustainable nutritional supplements, as well as physical and mental fitness.

BioSyntrx® nutritional supplements are available at professionalsupplementcenter.com

Eye & Body Complete ...Eye & Body Complete™ – This premium extra-strength broad-spectrum supplement is formulated with vitamins, minerals and antioxidant phytochemicals in support of macular and retinal health, vision function, increased mitochondrial energy and full body wellness. This product supplies optimal amounts of 43 superior biochemically balanced nutritional ingredients.

BioTearsBioTears® – As a healthy tear film structure is important for optimal visual function, BioTears is specifically formulated to address the cause and effects of dry eye syndrome. BioTears utilizes nutrient co-factors that support the normal structure and function of lubricants in the eyes and other parts of the body, including mucous membranes and synovial joint membranes.

OculairOculair – This potent full-spectrum multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula is designed to protect the eyes and the entire body from the damaging effects of free radical and age-related oxidative stress, in turn supporting a healthy aging process. Oculair provides 40 biochemically-balanced and bioavailable active ingredients for healthy vision function and full body health.

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