Featured Brand: BioSyntrx

BiosyntrxBy Susan Brown

Biosyntrx, in concert with ophthalmologists, optometrists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and nutrition educators, has been developing science-based and peer-reviewed nutritional formulations for the past eight years.  These products support optimal health, specifically the exquisitely engineered functions of the eyes, which reveal some of the earliest signs of degeneration affecting the entire body.  Biosyntrx state-of-the-art formulations are designed to address the micronutrient needs of dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Biosyntrx products adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for authenticity, potency, finished goods and documentation protocol.  The manufacturing facility is audited by independent outside agencies to certify and prove compliance with GMP guidelines and quality assurance practices.  The state-of-the-art Biosyntrx manufacturing facility, Vitamin Research Products (VRP) in Carson City, Nevada, maintains NSF registration.  NSF is the only third-party testing organization to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product’s development before it can earn certification.  NSF is recognized around the globe for its scientific and technical expertise in health and environmental sciences.

The Biosyntrx line of products contain nutrients which have been proven not only to benefit eye health, they have also been proven beneficial for the entire body.

BioTears Oral Gel Caps –  Oral support for normal tear film formation.  Many different things can cause dry eye syndrome. The normal aging of tear glands, as well as extended use of contact lenses, environmental pollutants, prescription drugs, refractive surgery, auto immune diseases, nutrient deficiencies and other disorders can cause disruption in the tear production and retention process.  BioTears systemically focuses on the root inflammatory cause and effect of dry eye syndrome which can cause pain and discomfort.  BioTears addresses the three layer tear film necessary for optimal visual clarity and systemically targets inflammatory processes associated with mucosal tissues. 

Macula Complete – Potent full-spectrum multiple support for a healthy retina and body.  Macula Complete is a high-energy premium broad-spectrum dietary supplement of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant phytochemicals designed to support optimal body and retinal function that eliminates the need for additional multiple vitamin supplements. This product is designed to protect the retina and the entire body from degenerative diseases. It addresses DNA protection, mitochondrial energy production and the inflammatory processes associated with macular degeneration and retinal disease including glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. 

Oculair – Full spectrum multiple support for healthy eyes and body.  Oculair is a potent full-spectrum multiple vitamin-mineral-antioxidant dietary supplement that supports the normal aging process.  Oculair is designed to protect the eyes and the entire body from the damaging effects of age-related oxidative stress and free radicals, which are suggested to be responsible for the progression of all chronic degenerative diseases.  Leading experts agree that maintaining a consistent level of a well-designed combination of organ-specific antioxidant free radical scavengers best protects our bodies and eyes and slows the symptoms of the aging process.  Oculair contains efficacious amounts of the full-spectrum of nutrients suggested to neutralize singlet oxygen and super oxide free radicals that damage the vascular system and the macula.

ZoOmega-3 – Concentrated EPA/DHA support for the eyes and body.  Each capsule of ZoOmega-3 contains a 50% concentrate of pure pharmaceutical-grade oil from cold water fish. It is stabilized with 5 IUs of alpha tocopheryl vitamin E and is guaranteed to contain no discernible amount of mercury, PCBs, cholesterol or triglycerides.  This product promotes a healthy body including the vascular system, heart, brain and retina, and supports healthy triglyceride levels and the immune system. 

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