Featured Brand: Boiron USA

FeaturedBrand BoironSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Boiron Homeopathic was founded in 1932 in Lyon, France by pharmacists and twin brothers Jean and Henri Boiron.  Today, Boiron is the leading U.S. homeopathic medicine supplier.  All products are manufactured in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United State (HPUS) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Boiron has a strong sense of obligation to the environment and promotes re-supplying wild or organically farmed plants and employing harvesting strategies in anticipation of the future.  Plants are generally harvested from their natural surroundings, which are then used in accordance with the balance of nature and the specifications of the principal pharmacopoeia. 

Homeopathy, a therapeutic holistic system of treatment based on the principal that “like cures like,” has been safely used for more than 200 years.  Homeopathic remedies are believed to stimulate the body’s own healing processes similar to the way vaccines work.  Active ingredients in homeopathic medicines can include infinitesimal or micro-doses of plants, animals or minerals, which relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength. For example, a late night cup of coffee might prevent sleep or cause the jitters, but a micro dose of coffee helps to relieve nervousness.  Homeopathic medicines have a very low risk of side effects and no contraindications. 

Boiron’s most popular products include: 

Oscillococcinum®Oscillococcinum® temporarily relieves flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headaches, fatigue, fever and chills.  Oscillococcinum has been clinically shown to help reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms, especially when taken at the first sign of illness.  This safe and natural, non-drowsy formula is appropriate for adults and children 2 years of age and older. 
Arnicare Gel with MDT Pack
Arnicare® Gel with MDT Pack temporarily relieves muscle pain and stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion and falls.  Arnicare also reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises.  This combination pack includes Arnica gel to apply externally and arnica pellets to be taken orally. 
Calendula Cream
Calendula Cream helps promote healing of minor burns and cuts, scrapes, skin irritations or sunburn.  Made from European marigold flowers, Calendula extracts have been shown to be anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory. 
Coldcalm® temporarily relieves cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat with a safe, non-drowsy formula. 
Children's Coldcalm Pellets
Children’s Coldcalm® available for children 3 years of age and older.