Featured Brand: Brightcore Nutrition

Brightcore NutritionBy Susan Brown

Brightcore Nutrition, a family owned nutraceutical company, was founded 17 years ago by Kim Bright.  With the understanding of a significant link between diet and optimal health, Kim’s mission was to create products that would positively impact health through proper nutrition and consumption of beneficial superfoods.  Through in-depth research, the highest quality seeds, organic mineral-rich soil, the highly nutritious Sweet Wheat line was born. 

Sweet Wheat –  Sweet Wheat is a complete whole-food supplement that is packed with 100% organic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, live enzymes, chlorophyll and phytonutrients.  This highly absorbable and highly concentrated  product is made from 100% freeze dried wheat juice powder.  No added filler, binders or sweeteners.  Raw, vegan and gluten free. 

Sweet Trim –  This unique whole-foods based formula combines 11 of the top weight loss ingredients found in nature to help curb cravings and boost metabolism.  This unique formulation’s ingredients work synergistically to enhance the effect of each ingredient.  Contains green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone extract,  African mango extract, vitamin B-12, 100% organic sweet wheat grass juice powder and other natural ingredients to increase energy and decrease hunger.  

Sweet Kid –  This supplement contains a unique blend of organic wheat grass juice powder, organic blue green algae and probiotics which include more than 100 essential vitamins and nutrients for growing children.  These high quality ingredients are highly absorbable to ensure complete nutrition the way nature intended.  No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. 

Sweet Skin –  This natural botanical moisturizing cream is formulated with a pure vegetable base to nourish and balance all skin types.  Many moisturizers contain excessive preservatives, chemicals or petroleum products.  Sweet Skin contains only the best organic and botanical ingredients  each with its own unique therapeutic properties.  Contains Sweet Wheat, pro vitamin B5, calcium, calendula oil, zinc, lavender and other ingredients to promote vibrant, healthy skin. 

pH Test Strips (80 count) –  When your pH is balanced, your body is able to effectively absorb and utilize important vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your diet and supplements.  These super sensitive test strips provide a simple and convenient way to test and monitor your pH. 

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