Featured Brand: Complementary Prescriptions

ComplimentPBy Susan Brown

Founded in 1979, Complementary Prescriptions™ has earned a valued reputation as a trusted brand of scientifically formulated nutritional supplements.  Complementary Prescriptions™ specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced, high quality formulas that nutritionally support health and wellness.  Manufactured on site at certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities, Complementary Prescriptions™ ensures the highest standards are followed and guarantees excellence from purchasing of the highest quality raw materials to the final finished product.

Complementary Prescriptions™ adheres to all FDA, GMP guidelines for authenticity, potency, finished goods and documentation protocol. Their facilities are audited by independent outside agencies to certify their proven compliance with GMP guidelines and quality assurance practices via third party agencies.  Short run manufacturing cycles ensure the maintenance of maximum efficacy.  

Adaptogen Complex II
Adaptogen Complex II combines 5 premier adaptogenic herbs in a unique blend that may help increase stress resistance, build stamina and enhance mood and cognition.  Adaptogenic herbs may help to effectively strengthen the entire system and are suitable for long term use.
 Cardio Complex
Cardio Complex  provides a unique blend of nutrients and botanicals to help maintain normal heart rhythm.  This synergistic formula of magnesium taurinate and specialty herbs help protect the health of the cardiac muscle. 
Mag Complete (Formerly OptiMag)
Mag Complete  supplies 4 forms of magnesium in support of healthy blood vessels, energy production and the maintenance of healthy nerve and muscle function.  This formula is designed for optimal absorption and utilization.
Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12
Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12  provides the active, functional form of vitamin B12 in liquid form for better utilization.  B12 supports healthy homocysteine levels, energy production and neurological function. 
Red Yeast Extract 600 mg
Red Yeast Rice 600 mg  provides support for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

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