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Deva logoBy Susan Brown

Founded in 2003, Deva Nutrition formulates exceptional vitamins, minerals and food supplements suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  Their supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A. at GMP certified facilities and are certified 100% vegan by the Vegan Society, an educational charity founded in 1944 to promote and support the vegan lifestyle.  All are formulated with the aid of physicians and nutritionists to deliver products of the highest quality, effectiveness and affordability.  The products are 100% animal free and are guaranteed for purity, freshness and labeled potency. 

Vegan Vitamin B-12 (Sublingual)
 Vegan Vitamin B-12 (Sublingual)  This essential vitamin is of considerable importance to vegans and vegetarians as B-12 is not found in any significant amounts in plant foods.  This  quick dissolving tablet contains Methycobalamin, a bioavailable coenzyme form of B-12. 
Vegan 1-a-Day Multi (Iron Free)
Vegan 1-a-Day Multi (Iron Free)Balanced, high-potency essential vitamins and minerals enriched with green foods and herbs and uniquely formulated to meet the nutritional needs of vegans and vegetarians. 
Vitamin E 400 IU-Mixed Tocopherols
Vitamin E 400 IU-Mixed Tocopherols –  This soy-free, non-GMO vitamin E is naturally sourced from sunflowers and contains D-alpha, D-beta, D-gamma and D-delta tocopherols. 
Vegan DHA-EPA (Delayed Release)
Vegan DHA-EPA (Delayed Release) –  This completely vegetarian source of Omega-3’s is derived from microalgae grown in a controlled environment, assuring the highest quality with no risk of ocean-borne contaminants. 
Vegan Digestive Support -  Enzymes and Herbs
Vegan Digestive Support – Enzymes and Herbs This all vegan, broad spectrum, high potency digestive aid supports natural digestion.  The unique blend of enzymes and herbs enables the breakdown of foods into easily digestible forms for better nutritional absorption. 
Vegan CLA
 Vegan CLAConjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid sourced from safflower seed oil.  CLA may help preserve muscle tissue and reduce body fat when used in balance with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.
Vegan Hair, Nails & Skin
 Vegan Hair, Nails & SkinThis multivitamin, mineral and herbal product provides nutritional support for hair growth, healthy skin and strong nails.


Deva Nutrition Supplements are free of yeast, wheat, gluten, sugar, salt, hexane, dairy, egg, fish, artificial colors, flavors and fragrances, animal products, byproducts or derivatives.

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