Featured Brand: Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations

Dr Wilsons Original FormulationsBy Susan Brown

Dr. Wilson’s unique dietary supplements are based on decades of careful research and the belief in the healing powers of the human body. These specifically formulated supplements are designed to effectively target imbalances brought about by stress, inadequate nutrition, poor digestion, and diminished immune and endocrine function.  The philosophy behind every formula is to deliver effective and reliable support to the precise areas of the body needed to create optimum health and vitality.

All Doctor Wilson’s supplements incorporate high quality ingredients selected for their demonstrated ability to meet the targeted health need.  Every ingredient is in a bioavailable form and in a proportion that combines optimally with the other ingredients to enhance their usefulness and overall effectiveness.  These formulas comprehensively nourish, support and promote proper functioning of specific biological processes that renew and sustain your health. By working with your body, these supplements encourage the reliable, deep wellbeing that comes from physiological balance and superior nutrition.

Super Adrenal Stress Formula –  This sustained release, vegetarian formula contains specific forms and ratios of nutrients that enhance energy, support healthy adrenal hormone production, and facilitate other biochemical processes involved in stress without over-stimulating your system.  Super Adrenal Stress Formula makes it as easy as possible for your adrenals to get the nutrients they need to function well.  Every nutrient is delivered in the optimal form and proportion for adrenal use. 

Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula –  This formula provides the specific nutrients and other natural factors the body needs to build healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful hair.  Bioavailable forms of these nutrients are combined into a dynamic, balanced supplement that delivers the precise amounts and proportions for optimal absorption to create healthy tissue structure in newly forming skin, hair and nails.  Consistent use of Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ brings out a difference you can really see and feel within weeks.

Squeaky Clean –  Healthy intestinal function and a balanced intestinal environment are essential to your overall health and proper immune function.  Squeaky Clean® balanced formula offers  a complete range of natural ingredients that work together to promote and revitalize optimal intestinal function, promote regularity, and support overall intestinal health.  Squeaky Clean® gently promotes a healthy intestinal environment for normal function and nutrient absorption without dependency. 

Good Sugar –  Good Sugar® is a sugar-free dietary supplement containing nutrients and plant extracts that support the body’s ability to properly metabolize sugars and maintain blood sugar levels within the normal “good sugar” range.  It also provides crucial but often deficient nutrients needed for optimal sugar metabolism, and delivers powerful antioxidants that can help prevent oxidative damage.  This is a completely natural formula containing only nutrients and botanical substances that support healthy functioning of your body’s own processes.

Land, Sea and Air –  Land, Sea and Air® naturally promotes a sense of wellbeing while riding in cars, planes or boats. It contains simple yet very effective ingredients that work together to relieve symptoms of any kind of motion discomfort.  This unique formula is the perfect solution for anyone who would like to be able to enjoy land, sea or air travel.  It provides a nontoxic, non-habit forming aid to the traveler with no negative side effects. 

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