Featured Brand: Enzyme Science

By Susan Brown

Enzyme Science represents exceptional solutions for digestive health.  In addition, they offer unique enzyme blends formulated with vital nutraceuticals to support various health functions including cardiovascular, immune, and joint support. 

Complete Digestion –  Complete Digestion provides digestive support with a synergistic blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics and nutraceuticals.  This combination not only provides critical support for a healthy intestinal environment, but also works to aid impaired digestion, a fundamental cause of intestinal disturbance.
Enzyme DefenseEnzyme Defense contains a high potency proteolytic enzyme blend formulated with vitamin D3, L-lysine, and trace minerals to support and promote healthy immune function.  Supplemental proteolytic enzymes have an established history of use for supporting immunity and promoting general wellbeing.
Nattokinase Plus –  Nattokinase Plus was formulated to provide enzymatic and antioxidant activity for promoting and maintaining a healthy circulatory system. 
Flex-Mend –  Flex-Mend was formulated to work with the body’s immune system for encouraging accelerated recovery and repair, and supports muscle, tissue and joint function. 
Candida Control –  Candida Control  provides high potency enzymes for maintaining a healthy balance of Candida albicans, thus minimizing occurrences of symptoms associated with overgrowth.
Intolerance Complex Intolerance Complex contains high activity enzymes that specialize in digesting compounds known to cause digestive disturbance.  This product offers support for multiple food intolerances and aids in gluten, dairy, casein and phenol digestion. 

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