Featured Brand: Erba Vita

ErbaVitaBy Susan Brown

Founded in Italy in 1982, Erba Vita has a mission to supply innovative, carefully researched and designed health products that benefit humankind while respecting nature.  Erba Vita uses only first quality raw materials and guarantees preservation of the integrity of the active principles.  Advanced research and development laboratories work in conjunction with university research centers to allow for innovation and cutting edge nutraceuticals with highly effective and safe formulations.  All products undergo rigorous tests and are produced under the most stringent European standards.   

Available in over 30 countries, these safe and effective products are now offered at Professional Supplement Center.

Immun Act by Erba Vita

Immune Act –  Immune Act is a clinically tested, standardized herbal supplement that supports the body’s natural physiological immunity.  Vegetarian and Non-GMO




GastroAs part of their Digestive Health line of products, Gastro is a standardized herbal supplement that supports a healthy stomach, digestive system and esophagus. Other products for digestive health include Digest, Acid and Clean Lax.  Vegetarian and Non-GMO


No StressNo StressNo Stress is a vitamin, mineral and standardized herbal extract supplement that restores and promotes a relaxed mental and physical state regardless of the circumstances.  Additional products from their Relax line include Sleep and Happy Mood.  Non-GMO


Meno-GuideMeno-Guide –  From their Women’s Health line, Meno-Guide is a useful vitamin, mineral and standardized herbal supplement that supports the natural physiological transition to menopause.  Menstrual and Nair Care also available.  Non-GMO


Quiet Kids SyrupQuiet Kids SyrupQuiet Kids Syrup is an alcohol-free, standardized herbal syrup that supports a child’s healthy night’s sleep.  With lemon balm, chamomile, fruit extracts and a delicious natural cherry flavor, this Non-GMO formula will help the whole family get a good night’s rest.  Other children’s products available including Lax Kids, Immun Kids and Gassy Kids

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