Featured Brand: Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative TherapeuticsBy Susan Brown

Integrative medicine can be defined as a combination of conventional western medicine,  complementary therapies and alternative therapies, empowering people to be active participants in their own wellness.  Integrative medicine focuses on a distinctive, personal approach to each individual’s complex human bodily systems.  This integrative medicinal approach centers on a strong, open relationship with health care providers who take into consideration each person’s unique health history, lifestyle and diet.  Integrative medical practitioners believe in treating the whole person, the mind, body and spirit. 

Founded 35 years ago, Integrative Therapeutics is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality science-based nutritional supplements that provide therapeutic benefits for improved health.  Working with over 30 full time scientific professionals, including chemists and microbiologists at their GMP certified and audited facility, Integrative Therapeutics  guarantees their products meet or exceed industry testing standards of identity, safety, potency, bioavailability and stability. 

Our top sellers: 

Cortisol Manager™Cortisol Manager  *TOP SELLER*  Is a safe, natural and non-habit forming formula that has been shown to stabilize cortisol levels for all-day stress reduction and restful sleep.  Cortisol Manager combines an effective dose of phosphatidylserine with stress-reducing ingredients and cortisol-supporting botanicals which help reduce stress, relieve sleeplessness and fatigue, and optimize immune system and neurological function.  Cortisol Manager contains Stress-Reducing and Cortisol- Reducing Proprietary Blends that will not cause morning grogginess. 
Pro-Flora™ Concentrate Probiotic Pearls™
 Pro-Flora Concentrate Probiotic Pearls is a Proprietary Blend containing 1 billion CFUs of active live cultures for serious digestive support.  One daily dose, that requires no refrigeration,  provides digestive, immune and skin health support.
OsteoPrime® Ultra
OsteoPrime Ultra delivers balanced nutrients to support and maintain healthy bones and teeth in a unique formula to help reduce bone loss.  Includes calcium, magnesium, vitamins and minerals. 
End Fatigue Daily Energy Enfusion Berry FlavoredEnd Fatigue Daily Energy Enfusion contains targeted nutritional support to help build all-day energy and endurance.  Contains over 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients for sustained energy, complete burning of fuel, immune system support and protection from oxidative stress. 

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