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Quality is measured by many different standards.  Ortho Molecular Products defines quality by the highest measure,  efficacy –  the capacity for maximum beneficial response.  For 20 years Ortho Molecular Products has partnered with health care providers to provide the very best supplements with an unwavering commitment to efficacy by formulating products according to proven science and using uncompromising standards of superior raw ingredients.

Ortho Molecular Products strives to exceed every expectation while remaining faithful to their commitment to formulate and manufacture supplements of the highest level.  Their mission of patient wellness remains not as “one of the goals,” but as their absolute goal.  Ortho Molecular Products is developing programs to help patients feel better faster and stay healthy longer.  In addition to efficacious formulations, these programs often include suggestions for diet and lifestyle modification that can bring their clients out of their current health status and into an entirely new (or renewed) emphasis on the habit of healthy living.


InflammaCORE provides nutrients needed to support individuals who are under a chronic inflammatory burden.  InflammaCORE is a comprehensive product that contains 19 grams of protein per serving.  InflammaCORE provides high doses of amino acids that support the gastrointestinal tract.  L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and plays a large role in gastrointestinal health by improving gut permeability and supporting immune health.  Available in three flavors, Orange Splash, Natural Cherry and Banana Creme. 

Glycemic Foundation

Glycemic Foundation contains a unique blend of ingredients including flaxseed flour, guar gum, Nutrim (patented oat B-glucans), and Oryzatein (whole grain brown rice protein) that help support healthy blood sugar levels, digestive health, weight management, and cardiovascular health.  Glycemic Foundation contains a high amount of insoluble fiber and pre-biotic nutrients.  Available in natural Chocolate and natural Vanilla Smoothie Boost flavors

Alpha Base Foundation Pak

Alpha Base Foundation Pak combines efficacious vitamin and mineral formulas with Orthomega fish oil and natural Vitamin E.  Alpha Base Foundation Pak provides a convenient means of keeping current on your supplement protocol with these easy to take combination packets.

Ortho B Complex

Ortho B Complex is a formula with a complete blend of B and B complex vitamins which are essential to the maintenance of normal homocysteine levels.  Ortho B Complex contains thiamine, riboflavin, niacinimide, vitamins B6 and B12, and folic acid in an easy to swallow, easy on the stomach vegetarian capsule. 

For sale through licensed health care professionals only. 

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