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PetNaturalsVermontSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center is pleased to announce the addition of Pet Naturals®, a line of specialized animal health products. Pet Naturals® offers a wide variety of pet supplements for every category of health, and offers specific, complete and properly balanced formulas. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, their mission has always been to improve the lives of companion animals by providing natural alternatives for wellness. Manufactured in Vermont with great care and integrity, their extensively researched products utilize only the highest quality ingredients.


All raw materials are evaluated for purity and potency and are manufactured under high regulatory standards. Their membership in the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) assures all formulas meet specific control standards for quality, accountability and labeling guidelines, as well as successfully completed facility audits. Pet Naturals® also realizes that pets are their most discriminating customers and, with that in mind, formulate powerful ingredients into tasty formulas that help pets live healthier lives.

Skin + Coat for Dogs ChewsSkin + Coat for Dogs – These delicious chews contain cold-pressed oils to provide antioxidants and essential fatty acids in support of normal shedding, healthy skin and a shiny coat. The formula also provides a veggie blend of kelp, alfalfa, garlic and carrots for mineral balance and healthy skin tone. Recommended for dry or dull coats, dry skin, hair loss and show dogs. Natural duck flavor.


UT Tract Support for CatsUT Tract Support for Cats – These fish flavored chewable tablets supply a superior combination of ingredients that provide proper pH balance and support proper kidney function and the elimination of unwanted urinary tract materials. The formula is designed to maintain healthy urinary tract function and reduce the likelihood of crystal and stone formation. Not intended for long term use.


Scoot Bars for DogsScoot Bars for Dogs – Dog scooting is usually a sign of a health related issue. Scoot Bars contain 3 sources of fiber that are digestion resistant and easy on the GI tract. These chewy bars support fecal volume and healthy anal gland function and enhance the growth of friendly bacteria to maintain an healthy digestive tract. Natural duck flavor.


Hairball Relief PlusHairball Relief Plus – This unique formula for cats is designed to support optimal skin and coat health, while minimizing hairball formation and supporting proper GI tract function. The chicken liver flavored formula contains zinc, essential fatty acids and cranberry to support skin hydration and urinary tract health.


Hip + Joint for DogsHip + Joint for Dogs – This comprehensive hip and joint formula is designed to support mobility and overall comfort by promoting healthy connective tissue strength. These chewable chicken liver flavored tablets include glucosamine chondroitin sulfate, MSM, manganese and vitamin C, naturally occurring ingredients that provide the building blocks for healthy joint and connective tissue function.  

For more information on Pet Naturals® products, please call, email or visit our website professionalsupplementcenter.com

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