Featured Brand: Progressive Laboratories

ProgressiveLabsSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Since 1972, Progressive Laboratories has been on a mission to maximize the potential for health and wellness by delivering a complete line of quality science-based nutraceutical products to effectively optimize health. Based on the highest standards, Progressive Labs sources raw materials from worldwide preferred suppliers. All certified raw materials are identified and verified for proper potency, purity and efficacy.   All products are manufactured under strict standards in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), FDA registered manufacturing standards and analytical testing and evaluations. By setting the standard for purity, potency and clinical efficacy, Progressive Laboratories is able to offer real-world application of excellent, superior-quality nutritional support products available through healthcare professionals.

Customer Favorites from Progressive Laboratories include:

Osteo-Mins AM
Osteo-Mins AM – This popular formula contains select minerals meant to be taken in the morning for optimal assimilation.   Also available Osteo-Mins PM with D and Osteo-Mins PM with D +K1, K2, formulas meant to be taken at bedtime for improved assimilation.
Magnezyme – Formulated with elemental magnesium, Magnezyme supports many bodily chemical functions including support for neurological function, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, energy production and bone health.
 Thyro Complex
Thyro Complex – This soy-free glandular formula contains synergistic ingredients to support the endocrine system. No artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic hormones or chemical pesticides.
U-Tract – This product supports digestive tract health with D-Mannose, a naturally occurring simple sugar, which works to remove harmful bacteria from the intestinal and urinary tracts without interfering with blood sugar regulation or affecting beneficial bacteria.  
Aller-B® – This product delivers a high potency B complex formula with no allergy provoking fillers or binders.
 M.C.H.C. WITH K (Formerly MCHC Plus Caps)
M.C.H.C. with K – This product provides bioavailable micro-crystalline calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamins K1 and K2 in support of bone, joint and muscular health.

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