Featured Brand: Reserveage Organics

ReserveageOrganicsLogoBy Susan Brown

Wine has been studied for its medicinal value since Hippocrates first mixed wine with herbs and spices and prescribed it as a cure for fevers and other ailments.  Red wines, grown and produced in Bordeaux, France, have been shown to have some of the highest levels of resveratrol, rich in polyphenol compounds. 

Working exclusively with small, biodynamic, organic French vineyards, Reserveage is an environmentally conscious company that provides some of the purest, freshest and most potent resveratrol available.  Today, Reserveage Resveratrol is recognized as one of the world’s finest cellular anti-aging formulas that provides maximum antioxidant and cardiovascular protection and promotes healthy aging. 

Resveratrol 250mg
Resveratrol 500 mgResveratrol from exclusive sources of French red grapes, Muscadine grapes and natural wild Japanese knotweed.  When fortifying your body with this highest quality Resveratrol, you can feel confident about its efficacy, bioavailability and purity.
Ultimate Antioxidant (Resveratrol)
Ultimate AntioxidantThe active polyphenols found in the skin, seeds and stems of grapes are the same elements found in red wine which increase cellular productivity and longevity.
Collagen Booster
Collagen Booster –  This patented complex is designed to support collagen production with premium nutrients that promote radiant skin. 
Beautiful Legs
Beautiful Legs –  Packed with antioxidants, Beautiful Legs features a blend of trans-Resveratrol, grapeseed extract, and Diosmin to promote circulation and oxygenation.  Supports the health and tone of the leg veins and capillaries and helps reduce occasional swelling and heaviness sensations caused by standing or overexertion. 
CocoaWell CoQ10 Advanced Formula
CocoaWell CoQ10 Advanced Formula –  This breakthrough formula represents one of the latest innovations in heart-healthy supplementation and is the first to combine heart-healthy cocoa and plant flavanols with CoQ10.  Cocoa and natural plant flavanols may help support healthy endothelial, circulatory and overall cardiovascular function.

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