Featured Brand: Vetra Animal Health

vETRABy Susan Brown

Vetra Animal Health, an exclusive global veterinary nutraceutical company, has been manufacturing and distributing high quality pet supplements since 1997.  With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Vetra Animal Health is supported by a team of research and development scientists, leading canine rehabilitation experts and practicing veterinarians.  Vetra Animal Health researches and develops safe, effective, scientifically based supplements utilizing premium ingredients that are analyzed for purity and potency.

All nutraceuticals are manufactured in their cGMP compliant facility located in Oakdale, CA.  The highest production standards are ensured by third party NSF certification processes.  Vetra Animal Health is committed to delivering a superior line of products that contain unique formulations in support of animal health and wellbeing.  All products carry a guarantee of integrity, purity, adherence to label claims and efficacy. 

bIOFLEXABioFlexa I, II, and III provides three phases of joint health support for puppies through mature dogs and cats.  BioFlexa I provides support for normal, healthy cartilage and joint function in young animals.  BioFlexa II provides support for joint mobility and comfort.  BioFlexa III provides maximum support for maintenance of the structural integrity of the joints and connective tissue.  BioFlexa II is also available in a low allergen formula. 
 CalciBindCalciBind combines special microencapsulated potassium citrate granules with Omega-3 fatty acids in support of bladder health for both dogs and cats.  Recommended for use under the guidance of your veterinarian. 
CalmasureCalmasure  provides a unique blend of naturally occurring calming agents to help relax stressed or upset animals.  Calmasure helps to maintain contentment during separation, travel, thunderstorms, boarding, veterinary visits or destructive behavior.  This product supports normal emotional balance and helps maintain normal nervous system function. 
 DermGardDermGard provides essential nutrients that promote healthy skin and a shiny coat for both dogs and cats.  This product contains a balanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and coat and is recommended as a first line of defense for animals with common dermatological issues. 
OxiShield provides an advanced antioxidant formula with a wide spectrum of eight groups of natural antioxidants in support of cardiovascular, liver, respiratory and overall health. 
Systum provides the ultimate nutrition in a canine multivitamin to promote optimal daily health and vitality.  Systum contains a balanced blend of all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins in support of healthy immune and circulatory function.
 Vetrazyme contains three essential, plant-based, high-activity enzymes that enhance the optimal digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and help maintain a healthy GI tract. 

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