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Professional Supplement Center is pleased to announce the addition of an innovative line of graduated compression sleeves designed for professional, recreational and would be athletes who are transitioning from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. As the first company to develop high performance sports apparel, Zensah® manufactures sleeves using precision engineering and cutting edge seamless technology to provide comfortable, pinpoint compression that stabilizes muscles and improves efficiency. Graduated compression and targeted pressure points lead to enhanced blood circulation and increased oxygen flow, resulting in increased muscle support and decreased recovery time.

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Designed for the perfect ergonomic fit, durable, comfortable, moisture wicking Zensah Fabric® is non-chafing, anti-odor and antimicrobial. The chevron ribbing supports the muscle, relieves fatigue and helps to prevent and relieve shin splints. Additionally, Zensah® compression sleeve benefits include reduced delayed onset muscle soreness, reduced swelling and inflammation post activity and enhanced performance during physical activity.

Compression Leg Sleeves - Black (ITEM NON-RETURNABLE)Compression Leg Sleeves – Available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, the Zensah® compression leg sleeve provides athletes with targeted compression for calf muscle support, shin splint relief and decreased fatigue. Suitable for all levels of sports participation, including running, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, aerobics, workouts or any other physical activity.  Learn More

Tech+ Compression Socks - Black (NON-RETURNABLE ITEM)Tech+ Compression Socks – Designed for superior comfort, these durable knee high compression socks are great for runners, cyclists or anyone looking to increase athletic performance. Advanced engineering and elite construction provides for improved muscle support and injury prevention. Tech+ Compression Socks are also ideal during air travel and provide plantar fasciitis relief and support for those who are on their feet all day.   The non-slip cuff ensures socks stay in place even during the most demanding workouts.  Learn More

Compression Thigh Sleeve - Black (ITEM NON-RETURNABLE)Compression Thigh Sleeve – Designed to improve circulation and stabilize the quad and hamstring muscles during training, activity or recovery, this lightweight sleeve provides an optimal blend of support, while also allowing for full range of motion. Gripper dots on the inside of the sleeve prevent slipping and ensure the sleeve stays in place.  Learn More

Compression Knee...Compression Knee Sleeve – Designed to provide optimal knee support, while allowing full range of motion during activity, this light weight sleeve provides pinpoint compression to both the knee muscle and the iliotibial band. This sleeve may also be used post activity for improved blood circulation and faster recovery time.  Learn More

Compression Elbow Sleeve - Black (NON-RETURNABLE ITEM)Compression Elbow Sleeve – This lightweight elbow sleeve provides targeted compression to provide support and relief from tennis elbow, elbow tendonitis and golfer’s elbow, while allowing for full range of motion. The no-slip cuff keeps the moisture wicking sleeve in place and may be flipped to allow for additional compression when extra relief is needed.  Learn More

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