Featured Product: Macula Complete by BioSyntrx

The human body is a complex system that depends upon millions of enzymatic reactions and building functions. Essentially, every reaction process requires a vitamin or mineral. Our bodies developed these processes based on available vitamins and minerals found in the environment. The foods readily available today have fewer vitamins and minerals required for a healthy functioning body. In addition, research has shown that supplementation of vitamins and minerals may reduce the risk of medical conditions such as heart disease and dementia.

Macula Complete by BioSyntrx was developed to provide a complete blend of all the required vitamins, minerals, and health boosting supplements.

Macula Complete also includes  zinc, copper and manganese. The body requires all three of these minerals to produce manganese super-oxide dismutase or Mn SOD. Mn SOD is a biological compound that has been determined to be essential for life.

Macula Complete supports the important mitochondrial function of energy production by supplying acetyl-l-carnitine, CoQ10 and lipoic acid. Research has shown that a decrease in mitochondrial function is associated with advanced aging and cognitive decline.

Other advances made by BioSyntrx include the addition of grape extract, ginko extract, and bioflavonoids. These herbs have been found to support many physiological functions including memory, heart function and blood flow. Bilberry was added because it specifically increases healthy blood flow to the retina of the eye. Another key supplement for eye function is molybdenum which has also been shown to be effective in maintaining liver health.

BioSyntrx added selenium to Macula Complete because selenium has powerful proven antioxidant properties and also protects against degenerative eye conditions.

BioSyntrx developed  Macula Complete to provide all we need to stay healthy and to lead a progressively healthier life.  Start taking Macula Complete today to meet all your vitamin and mineral needs. 

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