Healthy Pets by Dr. Mercola® – Featured Brand

Healthy PetsSusan Brown Health and Wellness EditorProfessional Supplement Center now offers Healthy Pets by Dr. Mercola, a line of GMO free, food-grade veterinarian products specifically designed for pet health, vitality and overall wellbeing. Based entirely on clean human-grade ingredients, the formulas address the three pillars of a pet’s total health—species appropriate nutrition, a sound and resilient body frame and organs, and a balanced functional immune system. Formulated and extensively researched by a holistic veterinarian and a team of scientists, engineers and product development specialists, and manufactured to appropriate human GMPs, the products are tested at multiple stages for contaminants, adulterants, potency, purity, performance and stability.

Sustainably sourced ingredients support regenerative agriculture and recyclable packaging is designed for minimum impact on the environment. Additionally, a percentage of all profits is donated to charitable causes to aid pets in need.

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Healthy Pets...Curcumin: Formulated for felines, as well as canines of all sizes and breeds, this formula offers bioavailable curcumin in support of a normal immune and inflammatory response, healthy digestion and free radical damage protection, as well as joint comfort and flexibility. MicroActive® technology protects the fragile active nutrients and provides sustained release of beneficial nutrients over time to ensure the full benefits of efficient absorption.

Healthy Pets Organic...Organic Mushroom Complex: This proprietary formula contains 100% Certified Organic, biologically active, whole food medicinal mushrooms and mycelium for optimal benefit. Formulated for dogs and cats, ingredients include high levels of natural vitamin D2, B6, B12, beta glucans, chelated minerals, fiber, antioxidants and natural glucosamine, as well as reishi, cordyceps, shiitake, turkey tail, maitake, and lion’s mane organic mushrooms. Free of additives, fillers, and gluten.

Healthy Pets...Seasonal Support: Common among both cats and dogs, seasonal allergies may result in skin irritation, itchiness, inflammation, hot spots, inflamed ears and other uncomfortable symptoms. Specific ingredients support an optimally functioning immune system and a normal inflammatory response by helping to maintain normal histamine levels. This unique formula provides eight nutrients, including bee pollen, bromelain, quercetin, plant sterols, stinging nettle and butterbur, which address the root cause of pet discomfort to help quell redness, irritation, and inflammation.

Healthy Pets Vitamin...Vitamin B Complex: This bioavailable complete complex provides the ideal proportions of eight well-balanced and biologically active B vitamins, co-factors and coenzymes, along with additional active B vitamins. B vitamins support brain health, nervous system and immune function; energy production; organ, eye, tissue and muscle health; as well as skin and coat health. Suitable for both dogs and cats, the B vitamins are organically bound to organic quinoa seeds for enhanced benefit and bioavailability.