Lifestyle Changes

In today’s fast changing world, most people would agree that we lead busy, often hectic lives. We could all use some lifestyle changes to help us cope and meet our daily commitments.  This could involve making the changes needed to reduce our stress levels,  evaluating our time management,  looking more closely at the foods we consume and adding nutritional supplements that can increase our energy and overall health and wellness.

There are some definitive and simple changes that can be made.  Making a plan to inject some healthy living patterns into our daily routines can help us get started on the path to healthier living.  Start with some basics such as getting enough sleep,  reducing our stress levels and getting regular exercise. 


Better management of our time can help us get into a more regular sleeping pattern.   Our bodies need a good night’s sleep to recover,  renew,  rebuild  and restore so we  have the energy to face the next day’s challenges.    Most of us with heavy time commitments or young children tend to compromise on nightly sleep resulting in chronic sleep deprivation.   We may not realize or think about how important it is to get the sleep necessary to maintain our stamina.  Lack of sleep can cause high blood pressure,  impair our immune responses, cause a decline in cognitive performance and  affect both our mood and our energy levels. 


Stress is how we respond to daily life.  High stress levels affect us emotionally, physically and behaviorally.  Stress can cause tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia which in turn can cause reduced energy reserves.  Assessing and identifying what is creating stress is a good first step to reduction.


There are not enough good things that can be said for regular exercise.  It reduces stress,  helps maintain your weight,  keeps your body healthy and active, encourages restful sleep and releases endorphins that make you feel energetic and provides an overall sense of well being. 


Make a commitment to eat better.  Diets rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and  low in simple carbs and refined sugars, can promote good health, reduce stress, increase our energy and revitalize our bodies. 


Thirst is the first sign of dehydration which can cause fatigue and loss of concentration.  We need to drink continually throughout the day to replace what is lost though perspiration and elimination of toxins.  Do your body a favor.  Make getting enough water daily a priority. 


Talk to your healthcare provider about energy boosting supplements.  High quality vitamin and mineral supplements can decrease fatigue and energize your mood and body.

  • B Vitamins in particular are often referred to as energy vitamins.  B vitamin complexes are needed for healthy maintenance of brain cells and metabolism of carbohydrates.  If you are feeling  fatigued, irritable, have difficulty concentrating or have anxiety, you could be Vitamin B deficient. 
  • CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body.  Your cells use it to produce energy,  for growth and maintenance and to aid in recovery after exercise.  It also functions as an antioxidant providing protection from harmful molecules.
  • Siberian Ginseng has been used traditionally for centuries to increase energy, longevity and vitality.   It has adaptogenic  properties which help the body cope with physical and mental stress.

If you are looking  for a successful formula  for a  more energetic  lifestyle,  work on adjusting your sleep patterns,  reducing  your stress,  eating healthy foods,  exercising ,  hydrating and taking supplements to give your body the care it deserves.   You will be richly rewarded  with positive energy to help you look and feel mentally, emotionally and physically  healthier.

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