New Year Resolution Time

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolution yet?  Is it the same resolution from last year and the year before that?  For many of us, this always seems to be the case.  We start off with the best of intentions only to find ourselves struggling to reach our desired goals.

If you’re like a large portion of the population, your resolution has something to do with getting fit.  A proper diet, exercise regimen or other healthy lifestyle change is often on the agenda.

The first thing to do is start moving. Taking a walk after dinner instead of sitting down in front of the television is an easy way to get going. Walk from that far off parking space instead of parking next to the office building or mall. Set your alarm 30 minutes early and work out before you start the day. Every day it gets easier and when you start to see the results you will find yourself getting up an hour early so you can fit more exercise into your day. Focus on making physical activity a regular part of your every day routine. Get outdoors and be active. Walk, run, hike, skate, bike, jump rope, swim, or anything that gets you moving.

Focus on things other than losing weight like eating healthier, exercising, self esteem and self acceptance. It really is important to balance all aspects of your life.

Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, skim milk, light cheeses, whole grain cereals, lean turkey, fruit juice, and healthy snacks. That way you will never end up without healthy food on hand.

Taking good care of yourself by making positive changes is the key. Making lifestyle changes will help you get the weight off, keep the weight off and stay fit and healthy.

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