Non-Diet Plan For Holiday Eating

NON DIETBy Susan Brown

Yes, it is that time wonderful time of year when we will all eat a little (or a lot) more than we normally do.  Sweet temptations abound during the season whether you are entertaining at home, enjoying holiday parties or stopping by the office break room.  Rather than deprive yourself of all the treats of the season, wouldn’t it be best to pick your pie, so to speak.  Attempting to diet during the Holidays may lead to feelings of deprivation and result in excessive eating.   So, instead of sabotaging everything you’ve worked so hard for all year long, maybe a little moderation and planning will help you enjoy a guilt-free Holiday season. 

  • Indulge on the actual Holiday.  Save your indulgences for the Holiday dinner or specific days when you know there will be foods you enjoy and then embrace your need to feast.  In other words, thinking in terms of “the Holiday” rather than the “Holiday season” allows you to enjoy eating on those special days.    
  • On the days in between, try to eat normal, healthy meals and snacks.  If you take a no holds barred approach every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the calories will quickly begin to add up to that dreaded Holiday weight gain. 
  • Don’t skip meals during the day because you plan to party in the evening.   Satisfying your hunger during the day helps to keep your blood sugar stable and reduces the chances of overindulging.   Worse yet, don’t skimp on food calories in order to save them up for binge drinking later on.     
  • Cruise the buffet before you choose.  If you start with the first offering and take a little bit of everything on the buffet, you plate may end up looking like Mount Everest.  Check out what’s available first and then choose the best of the best. 
  • Pick the one dessert that you can’t resist.   There are generally lots of options during the holidays when it comes to desserts and sweets.  You don’t have to deny yourself but if you attempt to try a bit of everything, calories can add up quickly. 
  • No one really wants to eat at home before the party to prevent overeating later.  However, a small snack like a piece of fruit or a yogurt may keep your appetite under control and help you maintain your willpower during cocktail hour. 
  • Be flexible.  Skipping an afternoon snack allows for little indulgences like a homemade cookie or two.  Plus it’s easier to cut 100 calories here and there during the day, as opposed to trying to hold back and feeling deprived during a party.
  • Use your calories wisely by not choosing foods you can have any time of year.  Skip the chips and dip in favor of something seasonal that you will really enjoy. 
  • Let’s toast!  Something to keep in mind when imbibing in Holiday cheer, a glass of champagne contains 78 calories, a regular beer 150 calories, red or white wine 125 calories and a bourbon on the rocks 100 calories. 

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