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PSCSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center® is pleased to announce the addition of 28 new formulations to our own line of professional grade supplements. Designed to support optimal health, as well as address specific wellness needs, these scientifically researched products are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing evidence-based efficacious superior raw materials. Products are manufactured in a strictly controlled cGMP, FDA audited facility. To noticeably enhance wellbeing, as well as ensure the best possible outcomes, therapeutic dosing is based on established research. Extensive inhouse testing assures consistency, purity, strength, identity and composition of every product, as well as truth in labeling.

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Here’s just a sampling of the high quality supplements we now offer:

Adrenal Pro...Adrenal Pro Reactivate: Formulated to support normal adrenal function during occasional stress and fatigue, Adrenal Pro Reactivate contains specific vitamins, adaptogenic herbs and adrenal concentrate. Ingredients include B vitamins and eleuthero, rhodiola rosea and schisandra berry extracts. Free of gluten, yeast and artificial colors and flavorings.

Bergamot LDLBergamot LDL: Derived from bergamot orange extract, Bergamot LDL provides a powerful and unique array of cholesterol-balancing and cardioprotective polyphenolic flavonoids offering multidimensional support for cardiovascular and arterial health. Free of gluten, corn, yeast and artificial colors and flavorings.

Methyl B12Methyl B12: Methyl B12 provides a highly concentrated, bioavailable blend of two key B vitamins, B12 and folate. Quickly absorbed, these efficiently utilized bioactive vitamins boost energy levels and support numerous bodily systems, including cardiovascular and cognitive health, red blood cell production and homocysteine balance, as well as nerve cell function, positive mood and healthy sleep cycle regulation. Free of gluten, yeast and artificial colors and flavorings.

Probiotic...Probiotic Professional Complete: This unique probiotic blend delivers carefully assembled active probiotic organisms designed to promote healthy microflora balance, protect intestinal integrity and boost immune function. Each capsule provides seven proven strains chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh gastrointestinal environment, allowing for effective colonization within the intestinal tract. Free of gluten, corn and artificial colors and flavorings.

Reacted CalciumReacted Calcium: To ensure maximum absorption of this important macromineral, Reacted Calcium provide three unique forms of highly bioavailable calcium. The formula also includes vitamin D3 and phosphorus, nutrients critical for bone mineralization and remodeling. Free of gluten, yeast and artificial colors and flavorings.

Reacted MagnesiumReacted Magnesium: Reacted Magnesium provides highly absorbable magnesium in forms that restore healthy magnesium levels in the body, while preserving gastrointestinal comfort. Necessary for numerous bodily processes, this highly concentrated formula is designed to support cardiovascular health, energy production and muscle relaxation, as well as the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and glucose levels. Free of gluten, corn and artificial colors and flavorings.








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