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After many years of research and a long road to recovery from his own personal sports injury challenges, practicing chiropractor Dr. Rick Serola founded Serola Biomechanics in 1989. Along with the realization that weakness and pain of the back, hip and leg often stem from instability at the sacroiliac joint – located at the center of the body’s structure, and after discovering that his patients’ strength increased following sacroiliac stabilization, Dr. Serola developed several unique orthopedic aids. The Sacroiliac Belt is designed to support the lower back and strengthen the back, hips and legs. The belt acts as an external ligament holding the joint in normal range of motion, which stabilizes the sacroiliac joint and enables the muscles to relax, significantly relieving pain and reducing the chances of injury. The Gel Arc Elbow Brace allows for more efficient of healing of injury and pain due to conditions such as tennis or golf elbow.

Professional Supplement Center is pleased to announce the addition of Serola Biomechanics to our extensive line of high quality supplements and health supporting products:

Serola Sacroiliac Belt (NON-RETURNABLE ITEM) by Serola BiomechanicsSerola Sacroiliac Belt – This breathable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic belt is biomechanically designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints in order to relieve stress and provide stability for these weight bearing structures. Providing support to the base of the spine helps to increase the strength of the back, hips and legs and considerably lessens the chances of injury during work or play. Unlike large, bulky lumbar support belts that may further muscular weakness, Serola’s comfortable, slender belt strengthens the supporting muscles and allows for normal function along with greater comfort and flexibility. Belt sizes: SM, MED, LRG and XL.  

Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace (NON-RETURNABLE ITEM) by Serola BiomechanicsSerola Gel Arc Elbow Brace – This one size fits all elbow brace is made for comfort and flexibility and is adjustable for mild or concentrated compression. The brace is uniquely designed for secure placement and maximum shock and vibration absorption, while providing relief of pain from tennis, golf and bowling strains and stressors. By absorbing muscle pull, shock and vibration, and relieving the stress on the elbow joint, Serola’s elbow brace promotes comfort and efficient healing of elbow pain during activities and rest and helps to prevent further injury.

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