Stress May Lead To Significant Health Problems

Stress is increasingly common in all of our lives and is one of the most significant health problems in modern society. Chronic exposure to stress hormones, whether it occurs during childhood, adolescence or adulthood, affects the brain structure involved in cognition and mental health as well as having an tremendous impact on our physical health. The accumulation of psychosocial stress may also promote the development of a range of disorders such as depression, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal  axis (HPA) is the major physiological stress response system in the body.  In the creation of their product Adaptocrine, Apex Energetics researched the leading causes of hypothalamus-adrenal-pituitary dysfunction caused by stress and identified a number of scientifically proven hypothalamus-adrenal-pituitary adaptogens that normalize a persons stressed system which include holy basil, rhodiola, eleutherococcus root, panax ginseng & ashwagandha.

Holy Basil
Holy basil, one of the ingredients in Adaptocrine, has proven anti-stress properties. Holy basil lowered stress-induced cholesterol level elevations in lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase.
Rhodiola Root Extract
Apex Energetics included Rhodiola root extract in Adaptocrine because it is effective in the prevention of fatigue and enhances physical and mental performance, especially in stressful conditions.  This is as an agent that works at a cellular level to normalize function in the over stressed hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis. Specifically, Adaptocrine’s rhodiola increases the body’s resistance to physical, chemical, emotional and biological stressors, and therefore reduces exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, aging and illness caused by excessive stress.
Eleutherococcus Root
Eleutherococcus root is an impressive ingredient in Adaptocrine.  Independent researchers have shown that eleutherococcus works on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis by normalizing levels of nitric oxide and cortisol.
Panax Ginseng
Another important component of Adaptocrine is panax ginseng. Panax ginseng has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the physical reactions of stress, including heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, panax ginseng, as part of Adaptocrine by Apex Energetics, is also reported to increase the feeling of “well being” of individuals in stressful situations in clinical studies.
Ashwagandha was included in Adaptocrine because it provides mild hypnotic properties and has been shown to reduce blood pressure under stressful conditions.

We do not have control over the stress in our lives, but we can prepare for it by supplying our body with natural defenses and normalizers to defend against its damaging effects. The hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis is a delicate system that is over stimulated by stressful conditions. You can normalize this system even in the face of a stressful life. Taking Apex Energetics’ Adaptocrine everyday may help reduce the impact stress has on your mind and body.

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