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Featured Brand: Quantum Nutrition Labs

Quantum Nutrition Labs..SusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Together with nutritionists, physicians, and other medical health professionals, Quantum’s mission is to develop and provide products that aid in the restoration and maintenance of optimal health. Quantum Nutrition Labs is committed to formulating 100% non-toxic nutritional products designed with uncompromising quality, extraordinary purity and clinically tested effectiveness. Their formulas are based on broad spectrum, bioavailable “once living” nutrients free of toxins, preservatives and excipients in order to provide ideal cellular DNA rejuvenation.

The “Quantum Nutrition Effect” happens when truly synergistic nutrients, co-factors and transporters are combined for metabolic efficiency in order to deliver the best possible performance. All raw materials are tested for purity, potency and quantum state resonance capacity.

Adrenal Support, Q.
Adrenal Support, Q. – Rated 5 stars by our customers, this quantum-state biocompatible formula is designed to support healthy adrenal gland function.
Bone & Joint Support, Q.
Bone & Joint Support, Q. – Another 5 star rated product, this comprehensive formula provides quantum-state support for healthy bones, joint function, connective tissue and a healthy inflammatory response.
Cleanse Caps, Q. (Formerly Cleanse Blend)
Cleanse Caps, Q. – This customer favorite supports whole body cleansing and daily regularity to rejuvenate the body.
Colostrum Capsules, Q.
Colostrum Capsules, Q. – This very special immune-active 100% bovine colostrum is obtained from grass fed cows raised by a select group of dedicated dairy farmers. Non-defatted and pesticide free.
Digest, Q.
Digest, Q. – This 5 star rated enzyme product is entirely plant based and is highly effective for digestive and cleansing support. Quantum recommends taking this product after every meal containing cooked food.
Kidney Support, Q.
Kidney Support, Q. – One of Quantum’s most popular products, this broad-spectrum, quantum-state formula offers effective support for detoxification and optimal kidney health.
Turmeric – This quantum-state herb is grown in India by Ayurvedic botanical growers in support of rejuvenation and optimal liver health.

Featured Brand: Quantum Nutrition Labs

QuantomBy Susan Brown

Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN, is the CEO and founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs of Austin, Texas, a primary manufacturer of incipient-free, “quantum-state” nutritional products.  Faced with his own life threatening illness, Dr. Marshall began intensive research in search of super quality nutrients.  Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic and effective products.

When quantum-state nutrients are combined together, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits.  This is the “Quantum Nutrition Effect.”   Quantum-state products are the result of the relentless search to find not only the best grown phytonutrients worldwide, but also those with quantum energetic properties.  The nutrients contained in their formulas are delivered as concentrates from once-living sources to provide ideal cellular DNA rejuvenation.

Our best selling QNL supplements include:

Quantum HCLFor digestive and detoxification support.  This product contains 100% natural source betaine hydrochloride, created to assist the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other minerals.
Digest, Q.
Digest, Q. – For digestive support of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy and especially cooked foods. This formula is highly effective for digestive support as well as cleansing.  It is suitable for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.
Max Stress B™
Max Stress B –  This nutraceutical features  probiotic–cultured B vitamins as a high–energy, end–chain, B vitamin complex derived from live sources for quantum–state nutritional resonance for rapid cellular delivery.
Adrenal Support, Q.
Adrenal Support, Q. – A nutraceutical adrenal formula offering comprehensive adrenal, spleen and blood support.  It features two key blends, Cordy-Pro and Adrenal Pro for optimal effect. 
Bone & Joint Support, Q.
Bone and Joint Support, Q. –  Provides support  for healthy bones, joints and connective tissues.   This extraordinary bone support product features three key blends,  Bone and Joint Max™, Immuno-Joint Blend™, and Inflamma-Free, for healthy inflammatory support.
Quantum Greens
Greens –  Contains live-sourced super nutrition greens for optimal health and rejuvenation.  No sweeteners, additives or fillers. 
Quantum guarantees their product labeling. There are absolutely no undisclosed excipients, such as fillers, binders, artificial colors or other toxic tagalongs.