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Aura Cacia® – Featured Brand

Aura CaciaSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center offers Aura Cacia®, a line of of simple and pure skin care and essential oils formulated from high quality botanical ingredients and designed to unlock nature’s ability to improve wellbeing. Since 1982, Aura Cacia® has traveled the world to source sustainable botanical ingredients, while building honest, long-term relationships with ethical and environmentally responsible small grower communities. All oils are rigorously tested for purity and quality, as well as verify that the oils are 100% pure and unadulterated. To ensure the true value of each oil, Aura Acacia® lists the botanical name, as well as the aromatherapy benefit on every bottle.

As part of their responsibility to people and the planet, Aura Cacia® created the Positive Change Project, an annual grant program that supports organizations that seek to transform the lives of women and girls worldwide.

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Aromatherapy Mist...Aromatherapy Mist Ultrasonic Room Diffuser: The Aura Cacia Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with automatic shutoff quietly disperses a fine, cool mist of essential oils and water. By not using heat, the natural aroma profile of essential oils is protected. The simple, modern design is suitable for home, office, studio or other environment.

Lavender Organic...Lavender Organic Essential Oil: Long established and widely utilized for its aromatic calming, relaxing and cleansing effects, this 100% pure, single origin oil provides Lavandula angustifolia, true lavender with active components recognized in French Pharmacopeia. Lavender may be infused, inhaled or added to the laundry rinse cycle to freshen clothes and linens. Certified Organic by QAI.

Deep Rosehip Organic...Deep Rosehip Organic Facial Oil: This soothing Chilean rosehip, geranium and clary sage oil blend deeply and quickly penetrates to normalize, restore and balance the skin and replace essential elements lost through normal cleansing. Dermatologist tested. 100% pure certified organic botanical oils. No synthetics, parabens or petroleum based ingredients.

Vetiver Organic...Vetiver Organic Essential Oil: Rich, exotic, complex and earthy, this certified organic deeply grounding oil is believed to anchor the spirit and stabilize emotions, while providing nurturing and supportive aromatherapy benefits to soothe  the mind and body. Vetiveria zizanioides oil is distilled from dried roots harvested on the island of Madagascar.

Energize 100% Pure...Energize 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend: This energizing blend of lemon, peppermint, rosemary and sweet orange essential oils is perfect for mornings or an anytime pick-me-up. Formulated to help restore vitality and galvanize resolve. Free of synthetic fragrances, colors and stabilizers. Purity tested.

Grounding Root...Grounding Root Chakra Balancing Organic Roll On: Originating from ancient Vedic traditions chakras are interconnected energy centers that influence spiritual and emotional expression. Located at the base of the spine, a balanced root chakra creates a solid foundation, provides stability and creates a sense of grounding and safety. 100% organic ingredients include jojoba, bergamot, vetiver, nutmeg and patchouli essential oils. Free of synthetic fragrances, colors and stabilizers. Purity tested.