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Health Goals to Set for Yourself in the New Year

health goals to set for yourself in the new year

Here are some health goals to set for yourself in 2021!

It’s here! 2020 is finally over! It’s time to move on with our lives and set our sights on a new, healthier 2021. This year, we’ve got major health goals (that’s what happens when you’re stuck in the house for almost an entire year). So, let’s not wait any longer. Your 2021 health goals await you!

2021 Health Goals

There are just some things we can’t do on our own, like fighting a global pandemic, so let’s leave the tough stuff to the experts. But, you’re not off the hook completely. There are still plenty of things that you can prioritize to make this year the healthiest year yet. So, without further ado, here are four health goals you’ll want to set, and crush this year.

Prioritize Your Immune System

If we’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that we need to make a strong, healthy immune system one of our main health goals. Here are the key things you should focus on to ensure your body is ready to fight, whenever it needs to.

  • Exercise Regularly and Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • Eat Colorful Fruits and Veggies at Every Meal
  • Boost Immunity with Support Supplements
  • Reduce Stress
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Prioritize Your Mind

When we think of health goals, we don’t always think of our mental health. We should though! Our mental health is the foundation of our whole health, so make sure you’re taking the time to check in with your head to make sure it’s getting what it needs too. Try this:

  • Meditate for 15 Minutes Each Day
  • Journal About Your Feelings
  • Take a Vacation (or at least a break!)
  • Talk About It (share your feelings with friends or a therapist)
  • Get Creative (draw, write, paint, etc.)

Prioritize Your Diet  

Weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution; however, so many people seem to fail at it just a couple of months in. Instead of thinking about what you need to take away from your diet, start thinking about what you can add to it. Pack your plate with veggies, fiber, whole grains, and lean protein everyday. Be consistent with high quality supplements, don’t take them for a week and then forget about them. Supplements only benefit you if you remember to take them regularly.

Prioritize Happiness

One thing this past year did for us, it is to expose what may be lacking in our personal lives. So, reflect on what’s missing and set one of your health goals toward fixing it. Here are some easy things you can do immediately to feel happier.

  • Smile!
  • Compliment Someone
  • Clean Up and Declutter Your Space
  • Call a Friend You Haven’t Seen in a While
  • Get Outside More
  • Take a Break from Technology

This year, instead of making resolutions you know that you won’t keep, set your mind to complete these achievable health goals. Have a safe and healthy 2021.