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Featured Brand: Viatrexx Bio Incorporated

ViatrexxSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center is pleased to announce the addition of a line of biodynamic homeopathic oral sprays formulated by Viatrexx Bio Inc. Using advanced technologies, these products were developed with the understanding that good health is connected to the body’s matrix. This concept involves activating stronger messenger molecule signaling thereby providing better cell reception. Through various levels of metabolic factors, these intuitive and living remedies address physiological aspects of human health. Viatrexx formulas are based on 3 principles:

  1. Drainage and Detox – Drainage opens the valves to allow toxin release while detox provides a deep cleansing aspect to address both extra-cellular and intra-cellular aspects of cells and tissues.
  2. Regeneration – Specific nutrients provide necessary components for proper nourishment, support and energy of cells and tissues in order to enable healing, growth and effective function.
  3. Oxygenation – Addresses all aspects of metabolism, respiration and energy production, all dependent on the flow and movement of oxygen.

All products are crafted, manufactured and stored under ideal conditions and contain only organic, biodynamic ingredients that perform at optimal levels. These concentrated essences, which address physical challenges, physiological function and emotional dispositions, are available through healthcare professionals.

Immunexx Oral Spray
Immunexx Oral Spray – This homeopathic solution provides support for the adrenals and immune system function.
Foods Oral Spray
 Foods Oral Spray – This product provides homeopathic support for common food sensitivities, mental clarity and hormonal imbalances.
Infla Oral Spray
Infla Oral Spray – As a homeopathic remedy for relief of inflammatory symptoms, this calming product provides pain relief and helps to encourage a reduction of inflammation.
MuSkel Oral Spray
MuSkel Oral Spray – This homeopathic spray provides assistance for muscle, nerve and skeletal repair and regeneration and helps to strengthen cartilage, joints, bones, muscles and tendons.
Neuro 3 Oral Spray
Neuro 3 Oral Spray – This product provides homeopathic support for balance of the entire neurological system including fatigue, nervousness, and sleep regulation.