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Try Adding Egg to Oatmeal With These Recipes

oatmeal with egg

Oatmeal can be boring, but it holds a place in our cabinets and culinary history for a reason. It is an affordable food with nourishing fiber, nutrients, and an all-around wholesome food for breakfast. 

For better or worse, oatmeal can be dressed up in countless ways. Many oatmeal recipes call for toppings and mixes to make it a bit more palatable, but we’re going to suggest something a lot different than fruit, chocolate, or anything else. We’re talking about adding egg to oatmeal. 

The concept is simple. Heat your water or milk, add your oats, and immediately add either a whisked whole egg or whisked egg whites. 

We recommend adding the whisked egg little by little, whisking all the while, as this will allow the egg to mix with and even be absorbed by the cooking oats. If you add it all at once, you will get a combination of oatmeal and scrambled eggs. We want something more homogenous and delightful. 

By adding gradually and cooking slow, you’ll develop a new texture in your eggs. It won’t have the mushy, gummy texture that so many people accept as good oatmeal. Instead, the mixture will be fluffier and softer, without any of the stickiness you are accustomed to. When all of the liquid is absorbed and your oats are cooked, your new oatmeal base is ready to go. From here, you have several choices for how to proceed. 

Sweet Eggy Oatmeal

The combination of egg and oatmeal is a fantastic amalgamation of protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. You can take this meal further, too, by adding some sweet ingredients.  

Try toppings you enjoy, such as seasonal berries, figs, bananas, and fruit of many other kinds. Add your favorite crunchy cereal for some textural interest, and finally top with a sensible portion of organic maple syrup, honey, or your choice of jellies and jams, or other sweetener. 

A simple Stevia product, like Stevia Liquid Extract from Protocol For Life Balance, can also add all of the sweetness you need, without any of the additional calories. Mix in some peanut butter or Nutella if it blends well with your other ingredients, and you’ve got some extra protein and carbohydrates to help you start your day off right. 

You can add additional protein easily with protein supplements. MediClear from Thorne Research provides 20 grams of protein in each servicing, along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so much more. Just a single scoop into your oatmeal is all you need to make your oatmeal more filling, nutritious, and delicious.

Savory Eggy Oatmeal

Of course, eggy oatmeal will also mix with savory ingredients just as well. Here, you can pick anything that strikes your fancy, and there is no limit to good options being available. For protein, bacon and sausage are obvious picks, but there are endless other options, especially for vegans. 

Mushrooms, cooked vegetables of your choice, pickled veggies, nuts, fresh or sundried tomatoes, avocados, plantains, shallots, scallions, and the list goes on. 

The point is, if you’re getting bored with your morning bowl of oatmeal, there are endless ways to boost its flavor profile and nutritional value. Whether you choose sweet or savory, or even some delectable combination, you’ll be building on an incredible oatmeal foundation, one that’s made all the better by adding egg while cooking. 

Adding egg to oatmeal is more than a simple fad – it’s a way to add a superior texture and nutritional identity to the most familiar breakfast staple we can think of. It’s cheap, easy, and delicious. Why don’t you try it for breakfast this week, especially if you are someone who usually skips this meal.